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i have six tarot decks. my little bitty deck is hiding someplace & i forgot where i packed my alchemical deck. but my other four decks are in these two niches in my small desk hutch. duquette's ceremonial magick & thoth on one side. rider-waite & cosmic tarot on the other side.

when i get stuck, i ask a question & pull a card. when enough cards begin floating all over my desk, i reshuffle all decks & arrange them neatly in their usual places.

the other day i pulled the two of swords from rider-waite. this card is about struggling with a decision; you're not "blind", but incapable of removing the blindfold until you let down one of the "swords". (and that's the paradox of this predicament).

took me a couple of hours for this card to really sink in & get a sense of the weight of the thing i'm wrestling with. suddenly i just got this card & the sense of this tremendous pressure manifesting. this "thing" sitting on my lap—just overwhelming me.

and it's this thing that bothers me....

it's the way this thing showed up & its synchronistic set of events. i found it christmas eve in 2002. i grew up reading our big white family bible. the star of bethlehem. the three wise men. the baby jesus in the manger. the shepherds in the night & the angel on high. christmas eve.

one sword in one hand is Damocles. i found this pentagram by locating the closest asteroid to Aquarius 15° & running through a series of dates to pin down its location. and boom, there it was. discovered 18-Feb-1991, all visual contact with Damocles was lost in 1992—its ephemerides are still "preliminary". and ... in 20 years (?), if it hasn't been smashed to smithereens yet, it will be too close for comfort.

Damocles cuts like a sword with a highly eccentric orbit & inclination. the thing just shoots & whizzes becoming the prototype for all similar objects. most of the time Damocles spends its time in aquarius. keywords: threats, retribution (deferred or immediate), feuds, precarious situations, downfalls, illusions of fame, fortune and power, predators, stalking, the act of besiegement, implosion, disintegration, termination, revolution, nuclear arms, brinkmanship, bluster, flattery, pseudonyms, and false identities.

a few days ago IT wrote about pascal's paradox (or gambit): it's better to bet god exists—better coverage. no god, no big deal. god, big deal. you're screwed if your winning horse falls down at the gate.

but that's not the only problem here, is it? isn't another issue: which god?

while working on IT's blog template i realized most of the problems were due to CSS. setting styles is pretty easy—it's the cascading bit that's confusing. a document tree structure is created for the page & HTML elements cascade (parent) & inherit (child) styles. setting font type in the BODY element cascades to almost every other element. the P tag inherits; the BODY tag cascades. (hope i got that right). then there's the CSS Box Model (what does this remind me of? some european philosopher talks about a cube). in a nutshell, the box model describes the rectangular boxes surrounding each element. think of it as whitespace. every element in the HTML specification has default settings. ie, the BLOCKQUOTE element's default settings: left & right margins are "indented" by 40 pixels. you have to remember the default settings, the box model & what styles are cascading in your document.

you know what? lol. i think i'm beginning to really understand "a priori" & "a posteriori".

so what does this have to do with this ridiculous star? maybe the other sword i'm dealing with is reason. reason tells me what to do automatically. but it's hard to argue with this star. which one do i put down? i don't think a utilitarian like myself lets something go until they're damn sure they understand which is more useful. reason or ...(shrugging)

i told a couple of people about this thing. an astrologer i told discounted it immediately because i made the mistake of saying i used this "lost" asteroid to find it. but other than locating this thing, Damocles itself is not part of the star.

it's taken me this long to realize that it's what & how i think about this thing that matters. gosh. the drums of war were sounding. i performed a concourse of the forces. one month later the US invaded Iraq.

i was planning on something particularly evil and pestilent for IT to write about. but my better angel, as usual, came up with something far superior. if IT needed a css geek, well .... i need a philosopher.


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