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beautiful xmas moon

working on stuff... [star wars spoilers below]

Sign T Angels Q L Goëtia Date UTC EON
Virgo P8 67 איע AaYoEa 00° 00°E ושמ ZEPAR D 16 Winter 04:56 GIBB 14 Enters ℞ Zone @ ♑ 14°55′
68 חבו CheBeVa 05° 05°E יאל ALLOCES N 52 27-Dec 02:38 FULL 20
P9 69 ראה ReAaHe 10° 10°E ההמ BOTIS D 17 01-Jan-16 00:25 DISS 26
70 יבמ YoBeMe 15° 15°E יכע CAMIO N 53 05-Jan 22:08 LAST 32 ℞ @ ♒ 1°03′
P10 71 היי HeYoYo 20° 20°E בול BATHIN D 18 10-Jan 19:50 NEW 1
72 מומ MeVaMe 25° 25°E שתה MURMUR N 54 15-Jan 17:35 CRES 8

11:31 PM 12/24/2015

mom was discharged wednesday from the hospital. the nephew observed the differences between rey and ren: rey had more, he said, "dark force" than ren. if the simplistic definition i gave of the force is based on emotion [dark utilizes it, light masters it]. then he said, the force takes the place of emotion. thought that was very interesting! also: last xmas full moon in 1977. mercury entered retrograde zone conjunct D.C. midheaven geodetic. of course i lost the microSD drive - bought adapter & sandisk a-ok. what else? brb. more coffee.

1:31 AM 12/25/2015
for mercury retrograde start with cafe astrology (also here, the plan is to add mercury aspects to the grid) & astrology king. mercury retrograde enters its zone 19-Dec @ Cap 14°; enters Aquarius 01-Jan on ET; retrogrades 05-Jan @ Aqu 1° & squares Mars; direct 25-Jan @ Cap 14°; exits zone 13-Feb @ Aqu 1°.

mercury retrograde conjuncts washington dc's geodetic midheaven (Cap 13° in sepharial's system) but is not in its shadow. what makes this mercury retrograde interesting: sun conjuncts pluto at Cap 15° on 05-Jan. sun enters aquarius 20-Jan & mercury squares pluto 22-Jan.

2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey.

1:59 AM 12/25/2015
star wars was released on 25-May-1977, same year as the final xmas full moon of the 20th century. this is the first xmas full moon of the 21st century (6:11am EST), next occurs in 2034. see happy holidays star wars ad from 25-Dec-1977. star wars vii released 18-Dec and immediately breaks $100M+ Opening Day record.

5:33 AM 12/25/2015
May the force be with you. This will begin to make things right. i'll be looking at mercury's inferior & superior conjunctions with the sun. so understanding that cycle (here's Venus). good overview of what to look for in mercury in 2016: Conjunctions With the Sun (Under the Sun’s Beams, Combustion, Cazimi). why mercury? mercury is the ruling planet of gemini and virgo and is exalted in virgo.

5:36 PM 12/27/2015
Synodic period (the cycle of Venus): The synodic period is the time Venus takes to be seen again from the Earth in the same position with respect to the Sun (but not necessarily to the stars). It is 584 days long (583,92 days to be exact) or just over 19 months. When Venus is between Earth and Sun (inferior conjunction) or on the far side of the sun (superior conjunction), it is invisible in the Sun's glare. Since its greatest elongation from the Sun is never more than 45°, Venus appears only as "the morning star" and "the evening star" and its entire cycle is as follows: Venus appears as a morning star for about 263 days

  • Venus is not visible when it is behind the sun for about 50 days
  • Venus appears as the evening star for about 263 days
  • Venus is not visible when it is in front the sun for about eight days

Ancient Greek σύνοδος ‎(súnodos, “assembly, meeting”),
from σύν ‎(sún, “with”) (English syn-) + ὁδός ‎(hodós, “way, path”).
Introduction to Synodic Cycles

6:39 PM 12/28/2015


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