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  • Sat, 12:24: RT @NoahWehrman: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. "Biden Meets With Warren" . http://t…
  • Sat, 16:33: RT @momodamermaid: words to live by. #Afropunk
  • Sat, 17:11: RT @elonjames: *BLINK*
  • Sat, 17:30: Royal Stars changed degree 4� with one change of sign (Regulus entered Virgo 2011) during the American Presidency
  • Sat, 17:41: 1 1796-1802, 2 1868-1874, 3 1938-1945, 4 2009-2017. 2-3 order: Fomalhaut-Regulus-Aldebaran-Antares; Regulus 1st on Washington's 2nd term
  • Sat, 17:52: Washington declined 3rd term with farewell address to the People of the United States, published 19-Sep-1796
  • Sat, 17:53: Regulus changed degree on 06-Nov-1796 / Swiss Ephemeris ~
  • Sat, 18:43: 1796 Election 04-Nov—07-Dec. During Adams's term Fomalhaut & Aldebaran change; Antares changes during Jefferson's 1st term.
  • Sat, 18:44: The Four Regulus Presidents: George Washington (06-Nov-1796), Andrew Johnson (Oct 21, 1868), FDR (20-Dec-1939), Barack Obama (26-Nov-2011).
  • Sat, 18:48: Astrologically speaking, the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama II, is the most transformative of our presidents
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