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KHU HRU - a brief analysis

KHU HRU - a brief analysis

by Fra. Xenos XXIII

Throughout the latter half of the 1980s I have been working constantly with the cosmic forces known as the Old Ones, gleaning scraps of intuitive knowledge here and there. One particularly enticing reward of such work has been the persistent reference in visions and dreams to a Grimoire known to me as 23 NAILS a "book" or repository of formulae related to, or a part of, the so-called NECRONOMICON.

As far as I can ascertain. 23 NAILS is an "astral document" that translates on the Yesodic plane to a series of visions of cosmically ancient cities, each city being in itself a sprawling, sentient entity. Penetrating into this "cities" of which there are 23) requires a "rending of the veils" using the "Nail" to open the gateway. (The Nail can be considered here as being interchangeable with the sword a more traditional symbol of the power of analysis). Once the gateway has been rended open, the vision of the city proceeds...

One such vision I received showed a titanic, (organic?) city-entity whose centre was a colossal tower, from which radiated tentacular roads and Labyrinthine, crumbling streets, populated by robed, batrachian figures. This "city" was called KHU (tun-um) HRU; a name of the entity, and also its magical formulae. Here follows a brief analysis...


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