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Auxilio Dei Optimi Maximi


There are a variety of plausible ways to explain the basic ‘idea’ of hyperstition. The most pertinent of these, here, right now, is that it is an attempt to systematize the philosophical usage of fiction. By framing a philosophical discussion within fiction, rather than within an assumed consensual understanding, it is advanced as a perturbation of disbelief, rather than a modification of belief. How to proceed philosophically from the artificial background assumption that everything is a lie? That’s the hyperstitional question (whose Pyrrhonian and Gnostic resonances are immediately evident).

AQ-4207 It's not a necessary condition of the interview for you to agree with us on all points; what we're asking is that you'll give us the protection of your name and your gifts as a Marxist, philosopher, journalist and moralist in the interview.

AQ-4207 Now the boke was couered with a blew silk sindall [sendal, a thin light silk] and uppon that blew covering appered letters of gold, conteyning these words § amzes naghézes hardeh § it signifieth, the universall name of him that created universally § be praysed and extolled for euer.


Tags: hyperstion, unbelief

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