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RAHAB = ASAR = EAGLE = MARG = ORO (note 911, Bolfry & Marchare) = PEACE = SEX
(ORO is one of the God Names of the AIR Tablet: He who cries aloud in the place of desolation)

The little evidence available suggest that for Hyper-C, the realization of Centience signals the breaking of the Time-Chains. Babylon (capital of fake time) is dragged down into the sea (Bubbamu sinks Babylon). And the audio amphibians of noiz-zion break the mirror and escape to the true century. ||----------- "Set your clocks to maritime." -----------||

an illusion of enormous proportions :: And we saw in an immense light that is God: ‘something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it' a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father'. (3rd secret is "incomplete"; does not describe his assassination, but his death (which he knew)) (rahab = viols /// ratziel = sword)

I desire once more to entrust myself totally to the mercy of the Lord. He himself will decide when and how I must finish my earthly life and pastoral ministry. In life and in death Totus Tuus through the Immaculate. Accepting this death already, I hope that Christ will give me grace for my final passage, which is Easter. I hope too that it shall be made useful also for this important cause in which I am trying to serve: the salvation of men, the safeguarding of the human family and of all the nations and the peoples (among these I refer in particular to my earthly Country), useful for the persons who in a special way have entrusted to me for the questions of the Church, for the glory of God himself.



ZONE 3: EARTH ~ Mesh-04. IXIGOOL (Djinn of the Magi). Over-Ghoul. Pitch Ana-4. Net Span 3::1 Amphidemon of Tridentity (Sphinx-time). Decadology. C/tp-#4, Mn+ [4H]. Rt-1:[18723]. Unimpeded ascent (prophecy). Rt-2:[1872563]. Ultimate implications, (as above so below). [+1 sub-Rt].


Sample Myths from Tree of Souls: The Mythology of Judaism by Howard Schwartz

The Book was revealed to Adam while he was still in the Garden of Eden, to show him each generation and its sages, each generation and its leaders. How did God show him generations that did not yet exist? Some say that God cast sleep upon him and showed him, while others say that Adam saw them all with his eyes, for whatever he read in that book he saw with his own vision. For since the time the world was created, all of the souls of those yet to be born stand before God in the very same form in which they will live in this world.

God sent the angel Raziel, the Angel of Secrets, to read the Book to Adam. But when Adam heard the first words issue from the mouth of the angel, he fell down in fear. Therefore God let Raziel leave the Book with him so that he could read from it on his own, and in this way Adam came to know the future and was made wise in all things.

Some say that book was written on parchment, while others say it was engraved on a sapphire. How was that sapphire read? Adam held it up to his eyes, and the flame burning inside that sapphire took the form of the letters, so Adam could read them there. So too there are those who say that the true text of the Book of Raziel was the Torah, for the Torah was one of the seven things created before the rest of Creation, and this way its wisdom was transmitted even to the first man.

Contained in the Book was a secret writing that explained seventy-two branches of wisdom, mysteries which had not been revealed even to the other angels. So too did the Book contain the entire history, past and future, of mankind. Whenever Adam opened the Book, angels gathered around him to learn all the mystical secrets it contained. Then the angels made a plea to God, saying, “Impart the mystery of Your glory to the angels, not to men.” Instead, the angel Hadarniel was secretly sent to Adam and said: “Adam, Adam, do not reveal the glory of your Master, for to you alone and not to the angels is the privilege given to know these mysteries.”

After that Adam kept the Book concealed, and read it in secret. In this way he learned mysteries not even known by the angels. But at last the envy of the angels became so great that they stole the Book and threw it into the sea. Adam searched for it in vain, and then fasted for many days, until a celestial voice announced: “Fear not, Adam, I will give the Book back to you.” Then God called upon Rahab, the angel of the sea, and ordered him to recover the Book from the depths of the sea and to give it to Adam, and so he did.

When Adam transgressed, the Book flew away from him. But Adam begged God for its return, and beat his breast, and entered the river Gihon up to his neck, until his body became wrinkled and his face haggard. Then God made a sign for the angel Raphael, the Angel of Healing, to heal Adam and bring the book back to him. After that Adam studied the book intently, and bequeathed it to his son Seth. So it went on, through successive generations, as it is said, This is the book of the generations of Adam (Gen. 5:1).

In this way the book was handed down from Seth to Enosh to Kenan to Jared, and in this way it reached Enoch. It was from this Book that Enoch drew his vast knowledge of the Mysteries of Creation. Before he was taken up into heaven and transformed into the angel Metatron, Enoch entrusted the book to his son, Methuselah, who read the Book and transmitted it to his son Lamech, and from there it reached Noah, Lamech’s son, who made use of its instructions in building the Ark. Indeed, there are those who insist that the book was revealed to Noah by the angel Raziel. They say that Noah heard the book from the mouth of Raziel and later the angel wrote it down for him on a sapphire stone.

By reading this book it was possible for Noah to penetrate great secrets of knowledge, hierarchies of understanding, and ideas of wisdom, to know the way of life and the way of death, the way of good and the way of evil, and to foresee the concerns of each and every year, whether for peace or for war, for plenty or for hunger, for harvest or for drought. By gazing there the destinies of the stars were revealed, as well as the course of the sun and the names of the guardians of each and every firmament. Revealed as well were the secrets of how to interpret dreams and visions, and how to rule over all of a man’s desires, as well as how to drive away evil spirits and demons. Happy was the eye that beheld that book, and happy the ear that listened to its wisdom, for in it were revealed all the secrets of heaven and earth.

Noah placed the Book into a golden box and it was the first thing he brought into the ark. In this way it came to be revealed to Abraham, whose knowledge of it permitted him to gaze upon the glory of God. And from Abraham it was passed down to Isaac and to Jacob and to Joseph, who consulted it to discover the true meanings of dreams. The book was buried with Joseph, and in this way it was preserved when his coffin was raised by Moses from the Nile and carried beside the Tabernacle throughout the wandering of the Israelites in the wilderness.

In this way the Book came into the possession of King Solomon, who made good use of its wisdom, and also sought its assistance in constructing the Temple. Some say that the book was lost again when the Temple was destroyed, its letters soaring on high as flames approached the Sanctuary in which it was hidden. Yet there are others who say that it was saved from the flames, and has been secretly passed down ever since. In this way it was said to have reached Rabbi Adam, and from Rabbi Adam it was passed down to the Ba’al Shem Tov, who learned the supernal mysteries from reading it and in this way became the Tzaddik of his generation.

This is the most famous of all the chain midrashim, a linked set of myths. It tells the story of how God sent the angel Raziel to reveal this book to Adam, and how Adam came into possession of it. Subsequent myths describe how the book was passed down from Adam to Noah, following the genealogy in Genesis 5, and later reached the patriarchs and kings. The book that the angel Raziel left with Adam has two names: it is known as The Book of Raziel and as The Book of Adam. Raziel ha-Malakh explictly records the transmission of the book from Adam to Enoch to Noah to Abraham, Isaac, Levi, Moses and Arron, Pinhas, and so on down the generations.

The myth of the Book of Raziel grows out of a midrash attempting to explain the verse, This is the book of the generations of Adam (Gen. 5:1). In B. Avodah Zarah 5a, Resh Lakish is quoted as saying: “Did Adam have a book? This implies that God showed to Adam every generation that would ever exist, every generation with its sages and its leaders. When Adam reached the generation of Rabbi Akiba, he rejoiced at his teaching, but was grieved about his death.”

While most accounts of this heavenly book assume that the book had already been written and that Adam heard it for the first time when the angel Raziel read it to him, the Maharal proposes an alternate scenario in which Adam had all future events revealed to him in a vision, and later they were recorded in this book. That the angel leaves the book for Adam to read later indicates that books are so important in Jewish tradition that even the first man could read.

The earliest mention of the angel Raziel is in the Book of Enoch. Raziel ha-Malakh, first published in Amsterdam in 1701, claimed to be the book that the angel Raziel gave to Adam. It largely consists of the names of God and of the angels, and the texts of amulets. The book itself was believed to have talismanic powers, especially the ability to ward off fires and other disasters. For this reason it was commonly found in many Jewish homes.

The angel Raziel, who delivered The Book of Raziel to Adam, plays a role in Jewish mythology equivalent to Hermes in Greek mythology. That is, he serves as a messenger of God, while Hermes (Mercury) is a messenger of the gods. Rahab, the Angel of the Sea, is the Jewish mythic equivalent of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea.

Links: Book of Raziel (Jewish Encyclopedia) | Grimoires (Miskatonic University Library) | The Book of Raziel (by Alexander J. Reichard) | The Legends of the Jews, Volume 1 | Ma'aseh Merkabah (Chariot) Literature | The Measure of the Divine Body (Sefer Raziel HaGadol)

Sea of Reeds ~ Originally a mythical name designating the abyss or the sea; subsequently applied to Egypt. Job ix. 13 and xxvi. 12 indicate that it is an alternative for "Tiamat," the Babylonian name of the dragon of darkness and chaos; Psalm 89:9-10 also indicates that "Rahab" is a name applied to the sea-monster, the dragon. According to a sentence preserved in the Talmud, "Rahab" is the name of the demon, the ruler of the sea ("Sar shel Yam"; B. B. 74b). It is used as a designation for Egypt in Psalm 87:4 and Isaiah 30:7. Similarly, in Isaiah 51:9, which alludes to the exodus from Egypt, the destruction of Pharaoh is described as a smiting of the great sea-monster Rahab or the dragon Tannin. The juxtaposition of "Rahab" and "Tannin" in this passage explains why "Rahab" was used as a designation for Egypt, which was otherwise called "Tannin" (see Ezekiel 29:3, Hebr.). It must be noted that the Jewish exegetes deprived the word "Rahab" of its mythological character, and explained it as merely an equivalent for "arrogance," "noise," or "tumult"—applied both to the roaring of the sea and to the arrogant noisiness and proud boasting of the Egyptians (comp. Abraham ibn Ezra on Psalm 87:4 and Psalm 89:9-10).


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