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the thelemic calendar i use is based on the enochian calendar of 360 days plus 4 uncounted days representing the equinoxes & solstices. starting from 01-April-1904 a minor cycle is 12 days, a major cycle is 30 minor cycles. 30 x 12 = 360 + 4 = 364. the current "year" is the 102nd major cycle // 3031st minor cycle from 01-April-1904 (26-Nov-04 to 07-Dec-04). the last two cycles are the 11th & 12th minor cycles of the year: 3041 (28-Mar-05 to 08-Apr-05) & 3042 (09-Apr-05 to 20-Apr-05).

i said the call of hue, call of zoiga, the first enochian key & the call of the kom. after saying the call of the kom noticed AShL as the name of an angel (similar to Tyson's Angels). worked out the name of three angels:

• AShL ~ Angel of Mercy : Ashialel = YILDUN
• LShA ~ Angel of Severity : Lashiah = FATEMEH
• NTOAShL ~ Nata'ashjadiel = LUX OCCULTA

AShL is from Genesis 21:33 And Abraham planted (NTO nata) a grove (AShL eshel) in Beersheba, and called there on the name of the LORD, the everlasting God. in hebrew, AShL = 331 = Ephraim APRYM; Arbor magna [Genesis 21:33] AShL; Archangel of Chokmah RTzYAL.

NTOAShL is also from Genesis 21:33 but includes NTO nata. in hebrew, NTOAShL = 460 = [Vide K.D. L.C.K. p. 371] TNThA; Qliphoth of Gemini TzLLD MYRVN; "Holy unto TETRAGRAMMATON" [Exodus 39:30] QDSh LYHVH.

{1} Cardinal Ratzinger

{2} Ratziel : Prince or Princes of the knowledge of hidden and concealed things, and the name of its Order of Angels is Auphanim, the Wheels or the Whirling Forces which are also called the Order of Kerubim.

{3} Beersheba means "well of the sevenfold oath", "well of seven lambs", etc.

{4} Exodus 39:30 And they made the plate of the holy crown of pure gold, and wrote upon it a writing, like to the engravings of a signet, HOLINESS TO THE LORD. (i'll do a wordstudy, ie, "engravings" is pittuwach PThVCh from pathach PThCh meaning to open; to be opened, be let loose, be thrown open; to free; to loosen; to loose oneself; to engrave or be engraved :: the mitre or turban of the high priest is called mitsnepheth made of 8 yards of fine linen & coiled to form a cap; the golden plate in front of it held the inscription. the word for "plate" is tsiyts TzYTz meaning flower, bloom; shining thing; feather, wing; meaning dubious it's from tsuwts to blossom, shine, sparkle; to flourish; to blossom, put forth blossoms, produce blossoms; to gaze, peep, glance, make the eyes sparkle).

{5} Abimelech (ABYMLK) means "Melek is father" or "my father is king". Abraham lied to Abimelech about Sarah saying she was his sister & not his wife. Abimelech was warned not to touch Sarah in a dream. later, at Beersheba, Abraham & Abimelech entered into a covenant—Abimelech chastised Abraham for lying. Genesis 21:33 can be rephrased: And Abraham in Beersheba called on Nata'ashjadiel (the name of the LORD, the everlasting God). eshel means "tamarisk tree" & is related to Khrysothemis—one of her names is Akakallis meaning Tamarisk (used to bind the harvested corn into sheaves). some believe ESHEL means "hotel". according to Rabbi Nechemia it refers to an inn where you can ask whatever you want.

{6} could never figure out "Vide K.D. L.C.K."—think Tim Maroney(?) once said to check The Secret Doctrine (p371 vol i Sesha, the Serpent of Infinity | p371 vol ii); vol ii chapter is about the Great Dragon & Serpents.</a> verses 371 in Kabbalah Unveiled (Greater Holy Assembly | Lesser Holy Assembly).


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