northanger (northanger) wrote,

mop site

well, can't say i'm a rebel physicist yet, but the mop site is a-ok.

the problem: we added PVII's tree menu magic to fabrizio. once the design was set i gave it to a production assistant to enter the client's info & complete the pages. next time i looked at it, the entire page was busted & the menu was printing. additionally, the client & my director wanted to print pages as they appeared on the screen.

if you print preview fabrizio its print.css file displays a logo & the text (check: css zen garden & wikipedia). the printable logo doesn't appear on the page. the PA deleted the logo busting the page.

fortunately, since fabrizio uses dreamweaver templates i only had to modify the print logo, add it back to the page, and set print.css not to display all tree menu magic divs. done in 60 seconds. lol.

told my director on friday that you can print a css layout "as-is", but had the feeling that, at least with fabrizio, it would take a lot of coding to do that. fabrizio is total css, no tables, all divs. the image in the top header for the page is in the css file as a background image. looks like there's no way to get that to print—i'll check with pvii. my guess is you'd have to physically add it to the HTML doc making a major structural change & defeating the reason of using fabrizio in the first place.

so now i have to lug this pc back. but, it's been a nice weekend. i think i'll borrow it again next weekend & nail the curriculum in 120 seconds.


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