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wow. newLJ has this clean new look

and i want one too :)

i'm feeling very gemini today

(yeah yeah, messed up all the damn tables)

[3:54 PM 6/1/2014]
while i'm house cleaning:

new LJ look by Yati Mansor "Black and White and Red All Over" (based on Flexible Squares).

keep forgetting about losing CSS when changing templates, but luckily grabbed them in S2

i added the background image: Crescent Saturn taken by the Cassini spacecraft.

[5:02 AM 6/2/2014]
(\ _ /)

still some style tweaking to do, but it's looking good! so i left off here — Uranus in Gemini on Aldebaran-Antares axis — and went off looking for answers. btw, Stephen Pfohl posts here and here.

the issue is the Gemini Rising (with Mars & Uranus) chart for USA (Astro-Databank Charts: USA). Current reading: Why I use a USA Gemini Rising Chart. surprisingly, i'm more Sagittarius Rising rectified by Dane Rudhyar USA chart and i'm a Gemini! so this should be fun.

why is Uranus considered "revolutionary" by astrologers? American Revolution (1775–1783) & French Revolution (1789–1799) — keeping in mind the French supported the Americans during our revoultion. originally looking for an image of Uranus for my LJ background. (but created an icon just for this post, somewhere over there: ↗). and googled The Astrology of Midlife and Aging with an interesting perspective on the Saturn-Uranus dynamic. throughout human history, until the discovery of Uranus in 1781, anyone could view all the visible planets by the naked eye. with the discovery of Uranus (telescope) and Neptune (mathematics), humanity entered a new phase of discovery.

interestingly, just learned there's more than one bell curve and the standard, "normal", one that's used is less-accurate. checking French Revolution timeline: in 1781 Jacques Necker published Compte rendu au roi (Report to the king). Necker "cooked the books", hiding the real extent of France's debt. today it's the Reinhart-Rogoff error on austerity & the Financial Times' criticism of Thomas Piketty (PDF response).

so, i'm going to go eat ice cream and ponder Mars-Uranus rising in the sign of Communication (Gemini) and its very zippy ruling planet (Mercury). these celestial components working together on their version of Moore's Law. then it's a question of houses: Aries (1st) or Pisces (12th).

using 2:17am, Aldebaran conjuncts Ascendent in the first house (Gemini), with Mars-Uranus:


off the top of my beanie: Gemini in the house of Aries? well (don't laugh) if you wanted to contact aliens (or ET wants to phone home), Gemini in the first house oughta work.

[10:30 AM 6/3/2014]
Note: Dane Rudhyar mentions "symbolic first breath" in The Astrology of America's Destiny.

Linkage: The United States American Democracy In World Perspective (1947; full text), Ray Allen Billington, Western History, and American Exceptionalism, Ray Allen Billington, Bert James Loewenberg, The Irrepressible Democrat, Roger Williams by Samuel Hugh Brockunier.

Question: how many rings on a rod? 70, 71, 72?

The 72 Paranatellons, extra-zodiacal constellations that rise and set simultaneously with zodiacal constellations.


The sphaera barbarica (i.e., non-Greek mappings of the heavens)—in particular representations of the decans, whose iconography was transformed through Indian mediation—was transferred to Sasanian Iran; thence it entered Arabic astrological texts. Greek descriptions of the paranàtellonta toîs dekanoîs, that is, the constellations rising on the horizon together with a particular decan, were made by Teucer the Babylonian, an astrologer to be placed between the 1st century BCE and the first century CE. (There are later attributions to a Pseudo-Teucer: fragments apud Boll, 1903, pp. 16-21, 41-52; Boll, 1904, in CCAG V, I, 1904, pp. 156-70.) ZODIAC—Encyclopædia Iranica

Rhetorius the Egyptian

Skyscript Glossary of Traditional Astrological Terms - Paran
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