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2014 Grand Cross: Uranus

Οὐρανός • αἰών • Προμηθεύς
Prometheus the Awakener
2014 Grand Cross: Pluto
♈♋♎♑ Grand Cross (2014)
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Uranus in Aries

Let’s look at this grand cross as a gathering of not very friendly planetary archetypes. Uranus arrives at the gathering with a torch. He has just stolen fire from the gods and is running to mankind with the flame. He wants to bring us illumination and higher consciousness. Pluto sneaks in wearing a black hoodie so that we can’t see his face. He is covert — the illuminati — the plutocrats — the back ops in the CIA and NSA. He wants power and control over us. Now here comes Jupiter — a big fat happy guy. He comes waddling in with a big smile on his face; a bottle of booze in one hand and a box of donuts in the other. He wants to party and will excite all of us into a manic frenzy. Finally, Mars comes swaggering in with boxing gloves on ready for a fight. • Mythic Zodiac, Janet Kane

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The adjective purphuros typically describes the thunderbolt of Zeus, and when applied to the human realm, it usually alludes to torches carried by Demeter, Persephone, or their votaries at the Mysteries of Eleusis. Purphuros thus describes Prometheus in a familiar aspect to Athenians as Fire-bearer, as one of three gods who taught the use of fire to mankind and who are honoured by torch festivals and worshipped in the Academy. …Pausanias describes the torch race and its course as follows: “In the Academy there is an altar of Prometheus, and they run from it to the city, holding burning torches. And the contest is to keep the torch burning while running. The first loses the victory if his torch is extinguished, and the second takes his place; and if his torch goes out, the third is the victor; and if the torches of all are extinguished, the victory accrues to no one.” (Pausanias 1.30.2) 5153Prometheus: God and Heroes of the Ancient World, Carol Dougherty

Segue: Lucifer, numbered 1930… Pluto demoted, Ceres promoted (the only dwarf planet in the asteroid belt).

Let's see: Bradley Manning, check; bitcoin (hai, Bitcoin - Dublin First Block Made), check. If reactionary fervour requires a "torch of inspiration" to super-charge its glee: reach out and touch Uranus. He is most definitely your Prometheus.

Highly recommend Dana Gerhardt's The Planets: Uranus, and her theory about Uranus transits (which reminds me of Hendoku Iyaku, changing poison into medicine) and the power of changing from within:

There is no more humbling moment than when we realize we don't have the juice to force our changes on the world. No matter how brilliant, there are limits to what one individual can do. Many of us simply give up here. Yet what happens next might give us hope: out of the sea foam, radiant Venus is born. After the battle, comes the beauty: this is the stage when, transformed, Ouranos is finally accepted by the culture of consensus.

Is Uranus Associated with Aries? (Werner Heisenberg's, btw, Sun conjuncts Uranus / opposite Pluto [Uncertainty Principle]) links to Curtis Manwaring: Robert Schmidt sees all the outer planets as transcendant.

Schmidt has brought up the fact that if the outer planets are transcendental, then for them to signify something in particular in the world is to degrade them from their transcendental nature. [3] He instead says that they distort or perturb the significations of the inner planets while signifying absolute qualities of human life.

Many scientific advances and discoveries during Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions (Note: Jupiter-Uranus square during April 2014 Grand Cross; last conjunction 2010–11: Wikileaks/International Year of Biodiversity & Arab Spring), see here (It has been said that in 1927 the pace of discovery in theoretical physics was perhaps greater than in any other year in the history of science) & here (Heisenberg's Principle of Indeterminacy and Bohr's Principle of Complementarity presented during April 1927–28 conjunction). However, see this 2012 paper published when Uranus @ Aries 7°.

The uncertainty principle formulated by Heisenberg in 1927 describes a trade-off between the error of a measurement of one observable and the disturbance caused on another complementary observable such that their product should be no less than the limit set by Planck's constant. However, Ozawa in 1988 showed a model of position measurement that breaks Heisenberg's relation and in 2003 revealed an alternative relation for error and disturbance to be proven universally valid. Here, we report an experimental test of Ozawa's relation for a single-photon polarization qubit, exploiting a more general class of quantum measurements than the class of projective measurements. The test is carried out by linear optical devices and realizes an indirect measurement model that breaks Heisenberg's relation throughout the range of our experimental parameter and yet validates Ozawa's relation.

Keep in mind, beloved jumping beans: Uranus square Pluto is the most significant and most challenging planetary influence in a generation. This transit dominates the Grand Cross.

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Rosa Parks natal chart (C, Rodden Rating). All but three major planets below horizon. Jupiter in rising Capricorn (12th House): "I had been pushed as far as I could stand to be pushed. I had decided that I would have to know once and for all what rights I had as a human being and a citizen." This house gets the backbone it needs from Mars, which is exalted. Compare Moon's natal position w/ 1955 — both in 1st House (currently, Uranus in Aries). Opposite its ruling sign, the Moon is weak, but again, drawing strength from Aries' ability to breakthrough barriers for the rest of the Zodiac. The Age of Aquarius may have a different timestamp than this Uranus domicile Aquarius, but it helped usher in the modern Civil Rights Movement.

At the time of Rosa Parks' arrest: Rising Cancer, Moon/Parks in domicile, Rosa in Aquarius. Rosa/Fomalhaut ☍ Jupiter/Pluto/Zeus. Mars domicile conjunct Neptune/Bus opposite Hades. Three hours from this moment, an exact conjunction of Sun/Antares (the heart of the scorpion). Selqet, on this chart, at Capricorn 15°, conjuncts Parks' Mars/ASC. Parks' Moon 25°♑ ☌ Selqet 26°♑: Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to a mountain shrine.

Scorpionic America

Uranus was in Leo for the seven years from 1955 to 1962. How many of you have this? Quite a few. This is an interesting placement because Uranus is egalitarian, and Leo is about being special and unique, so there is an inherent conflict here. Using a shorthand approach, we can say that Uranus describes what a particular group of people don't believe in, what they rebel against, will want to challenge and break down in order to establish a new, more ideal order. In Leo, we could say that the urge of Uranus is republican. They want to break up old elitisms - the monarchy is a good example of this - and challenge any system based on undeserved privilege, such as the House of Lords. At the same time, this generation will have unusual and radical and shocking ways of expressing themselves, and the punk generation is a good example of this group, Mohicans, safety pins and all. • Clare Martin, Mapping the Psyche

Before the historical act of scission that founded madness in its modern form — isolated on one side of an abyss across which reason (while taking careful notes) observed its alien figure — unreason spoke in many tongues, none of them yet dead languages. The transformation of a prolific, knowing speech of unreason into the compulsive, hallucinatory, senseless stammerings of madness takes place, Foucault tells us, at a particular historical moment: when the emerging techniques of modern reason become a foundation of modern political power. Unreason is rendered speechless at the moment when that other form of madness becomes dominant, that "other forms of madness by which men, in an act of sovereign reason, confine their neighbors, and communicate… [with] each other through the merciless language of non-madness." • Jackie Orr, Prologue, Panic Diaries: A Genealogy of Panic Disorder

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