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Pluto Demoted

Pluto in Capricorn (table)
2014 Grand Cross: Pluto

Pluto Demoted aspects five of the seven classical planets: trines Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn; squares Mars. While Pluto makes no aspects to Uranus or Neptune, it's just shy from a 10° orb square with Uranus/Priapus [see: Werner Held, "Priapus und Lilith" (Uranus-Priapus), and contrast Patricia Johnson "Ovid before Exile" (Venus's imperium and empire of Eros)]. (178008) Picard (named for Claude Picard), but in this case (see fourth chart) represents Jean Picard & his relationship with fixed star Rucha.

The most intriguing aspect of this chart is the square formed by the two Proserpinas, Persephone and Chiron (see second chart).

Pluto Demoted: 24 August 2006, Prague

Pluto Demoted: Proserpina-Persephone Square

Pluto Demoted: Lucifer, Priapus, Nodus II

Pluto Demoted: Aeneas, Achilles, Picard, Rucha
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