northanger (northanger) wrote,

i need coffee

without serious coffee & a fresh pack of cigarettes, there's no way i can update this tonight.

couldn't sleep last night & drove to sis' house at 6am to check on big dumb english sheep dog (I WILL NOT PEE ON WET GRASS!!). after successful dog dump in appropriate location only after the stupid mutt pees on dog leash handle, in the exact middle of the road, i drive back, crawl in bed & sleep 4 hours.

at work i realize how truly irritating my co-trainer is. she gives me wonderful backhanded compliments. the universe is merciful: R tells me he wants to work for me, not the evil one. we do our best not to say too many awful things. just cos the universe is kind today, she turns on a dime in an instant.

it's be kind to bitches week.

making caffeine run.

it's the time zone that makes living in suburbia horrible. throughout these united states of america weaves another time zone inimical to single night owls everywhere. in los angeles i could consume literature & caffeine until midnight. here, starbucks closes at 9-sharp.

watching someone drive off with your sister's van certainly caps off what a stale cup of mcdonald's coffee cannot provide. luckily, it was just Guy picking up the family unit a day early. thank goodness california's early warning system is fully functional.

half an hour later i've got a wet shirt washing leftover dishes & the temporary doggy jail spritzed down with 409. one moonwalk later over a large towel earns me a lukewarm coffee but a happy escape. damn. i'm almost cheerful.


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