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08-Apr-2014: Cancer 13°34′43″ @ Midheaven

Geodetic Midheaven for KLIA: Cancer 11°41′53″
Geodetic Midheaven for MH370 (LKP): Cancer 13°34′43″
Geodetic Midheaven for Beijing, CN: Cancer 26°23′30″
Geodetic Midheaven for Perth, AUS: Cancer 25°51′32″
Geodetic Midheaven for Oso, WA: Scorpio 28°4′51″
Chile Geodetics

♈♋♎♑ Grand Cross (2014)
01-Apr-2014 @ 21:24:09 UTC

08-Apr-2014 @ 10:09:12.69 UTC

when the moon is in the seventh house
and jupiter aligns with mars

08-Apr-2014 @ 10:09:12.69 UTC [-00:03:55.90].

Sun ♈18° ☍ Mars ♎18°, exact 08-April @ 05:03:31 AM AWST
 • 3°12′49″ ☌ DSC {21AR43} • ☉19°♈, ☉20°♈, ☉21°♈, Exact Conj
 • 5°40′59″ ☌ Uranus {12AR49} [5°40′59″] • Exact Conj
First Quarter Moon {00LE09} 101°39′24″ from Sun
Mercury enters Aries 07-April @ 15:34:42 UTC to 23-April
Mars {19LI07Rx} □ Jupiter {12CN08} [96°59′0″] • Exact
 • 2°35′35″☌ ASC {21LI43}
 • 4°55′39″☌ Spica {24LI03}
 • 5°33′7″ □ Pluto {13CP34} [84°26′53″] • Exact
 • 6°18′12″☍ Uranus {12AR49} [186°18′12″] • Exact
Jupiter {12CN08} ☌ MC {13CN35} [1°26′28″]
 • 0°26′22″ ☌ KLIA MC geodetic {11CN42} • Exact Conj
 • 0°40′48″ □ Uranus {12AR49} [89°19′12″] • Exact
 • 1°25'54" ☍ Pluto {13CP34} [178°34′6″] • Exact Opp
 • 1°26′28″ ☌ MH370 (LKP) {13CN35} • 2° Orb, 1° Orb, Exact Conj
 • 1°39′33″ ☌ Varuna D° {10CN29}
 • 2°8′33″ ☌ Sirius {14CN17}
Pluto {13CP34} ☌ IC {13CP35} [0°0′34″]
 • 0°0′34″ ☌ MH370 {13CN35} • [1] Exact Opp, [2] Exact Opp (Plus 3 in 2015)
 • 0°8′53″ ☌ (912) Maritima {13CP34}
 • 0°45′6″ ☍ Uranus {12AR49} [89°14′54″] • Exact
 • 5°28′25″ ☌ (3452) Hawke {19CP03}
 • Pluto Station Retrograde, 14-April @ 23:47 UTC
Varuna {24CN42} ☌ Perth MC geodetic [1°9′51″]
 • 1°41′49″ from Beijing MC geodetic
 • 11°6′58″ from MH370 (LKP)
 • 12°59′48″KLIA MC geodetic
(4341) Poseidon {07AR12} inside Jupiter L5 sector
 • 0°56′50″ from L5 Trojan WQ25 {06AR15} (95°52′49″ from Jupiter)
Poseidon (U) {11SC08Rx} inside Jupiter L4 sector
 • 2°53′6″ from L4 Trojan YM3 {14SC01Rx} (121°52′43″ from Jupiter)
 • 0°43′42″ from (1072) Malva {11SC52Rx}

▶ Mercury into Aries: Moving Messages — Here's some curious timing -- Aries' ruler Mars is at perigee (its closest point to Earth) on April 14th… But what's fascinating is that's the day -- April 14th -- that Mercury takes on the cardinal grand cross. It's also the eve of the Libra Full Moon and total lunar eclipse (April 15th). • Molly's Grand Cross

▶ The Sky This Week, 2014 April 1 - 8 — Mars is quickly moving into the evening sky and is currently at his best and brightest for the current apparition. Opposition occurs on the 8th when the red planet rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. At this time his telescopic disc will be just over 15 arcseconds in apparent diameter, less than half that of Jupiter. Nonetheless, careful scrutiny of Mars through a telescope will reveal tantalizing bits of detail to the patient observer. The planet’s shrinking north polar cap and transient clouds over its high volcanic peaks have been very prominent of late.

▶ Everything That You Ever Wanted to Know About Mars Retrograde — {Short version: Do not start any international wars}.

▶ Cardinal Grand Cross: A Matter of Trust — …Mars, the one that to me illustrates the matter of trust; and the point that applies the burst of energy to the pattern that makes it such a strong factor right now… When fast-moving inner planets like Mars get involved in slow-moving patterns, they tend to activate the pattern, push it to the forefront and make it personal… It is the nearest, fastest-moving and most mentally accessible planet of the four that are involved in the cross. • Planet Waves Grand Cross

▶ ARES : Greek God of War — ARES was the great Olympian god of war, battlelust, civil order and manly courage. In Greek art he was depicted as either a mature, bearded warrior dressed in battle arms, or a nude beardless youth with helm and spear. Because of his lack of distinctive attributes he is often difficult to identify in classical art.

▶ The Metamorphoses of Antoninus Liberalis — Nicander tells this tale in the fourth book of his Metamorphoses. [Typhon] felt an urge to usurp the rule of Zeus and not one of the gods could withstand him… In panic they fled to Egypt… Typhon hunted after them, on their track. When they fled they had changed themselves in anticipation into animal forms… Ares became a fish, the lepidotus [327: In Ovid it is Venus who hides as a fish… [Ares] figures in the Seth/Typhon story in a peculiar way {read Plutarch's 'On Isis and Osiris' 358b}].

Chart: (42) Isis, (1924) Horus {0°10′10″ ☌ Mercury, Exact}, (1923) Osiris, (5009) Sethos, (42355) Typhon {3°27′20″ ☌ Mars, both Rx, Exact}.

▶ Pheidias, Evelyn B. Harrison, from Personal Styles in Greek Sculpture — Griffins rather than winged horses such as the Parthenos wore would be appropriate to Athena Areia. Griffins in Greek iconography have Thracian as well as oriental connotations. This is probably why the Ares Borghese [+] has griffins in relief on the bowl of his helmet. [94. For a good illustration of the griffins, see B. Vierneisel-Schlörb, 'Glyptothek München']

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