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05-Apr-2014: Cancer 13°34′43″ @ Midheaven

Geodetic Midheaven for KLIA: Cancer 11°41′53″
Geodetic Midheaven for MH370 (LKP): Cancer 13°34′43″
Geodetic Midheaven for Beijing, CN: Cancer 26°23′30″
Geodetic Midheaven for Perth, AUS: Cancer 25°51′32″
Geodetic Midheaven for Oso, WA: Scorpio 28°4′51″
Chile Geodetics

05-Apr-2014 @ 10:21:00.41 UTC

05-Apr-2014 @ 10:21:00.41 UTC [-00:03:55.91].

Varuna {24CN42Rx} ☌ Perth MC geodetic [1°9′49″]
 • 1°41′47″ from Beijing MC geodetic
 • 11°7′0″ from MH370 (LKP)
 • 12°59′50″KLIA MC geodetic
Jupiter {11CN51} ☌ MC {13CN35} [1°43′31″]
 • 0°9′19″ from KLIA MC geodetic
 • 1°22′29″ from Varuna 2000 D°
 • 1°42′12″ ☍ Pluto {13CP33} • Exact Opp
 • 1°43′31″ from MH370 (LKP) • 2° Orb, 1° Orb, Exact Conj
 • 2°25′37″ from Sirius {14CN17}
Pluto {13CP33} ☌ IC {13CP35} [0°1′19″]
 • 0°12′44″ from (912) Maritima {13CP21}
 • 0°1′19″ from MH370 (LKP) • Exact Opp
 • 4°31′17″ from (3452) Hawke {18CP05}
 • Pluto Station Retrograde, 14-April @ 23:47 UTC
Sun {15AR33} ☌ Uranus {12AR39} [2°54′37″] • Exact Conj
 • 6°9′26″ from DSC {21AR43} • ☉19°♈, ☉20°♈, ☉21°♈, Exact Conj
Mars {20LI15Rx} ☌ ASC {21LI43} [1°27′38″]
 • 3°47′41″ from Spica {24LI03}
(4341) Poseidon {05AR16} 0°16′15″ from L5 Trojan (96°18′55″ from Jupiter)
Poseidon (U) {11SC10Rx} 3°9′42″ from L4 Trojan (122°28′4″ from Jupiter)
 • 1°10′18″ from (1072) Malva {12SC20Rx}

‣ Southern Cross • Constellation of Words: Francis Bacon used the phrase instantia crucis, 'crucial instance,' to refer to something in an experiment that proves one of two hypotheses and disproves the other. Bacon's phrase was based on a sense of the Latin word crux, 'cross,' which had come to mean “a guidepost that gives directions at a place where one road becomes two” [AHD]

‣ Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Tribute as told through Aviation Photographers: While the world knows this as Flight MH370, the actual airliner goes by the name 9M-MR0. The following images are of the actual missing Malaysian aircraft taken prior to March 8th by aviation photographers across the globe. From 2004 to the weeks leading up to the incident, these photos mark over a decade of service. They are meant to celebrate the lifespan of this aircraft and the photographers it affected.

‣ Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) • Member States: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam.

‣ Aloha ASEAN: Hagel to Host Defense Ministers in Hawaii (PDF) — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will host most of the ASEAN ministers of defense in Honolulu on April 1–2. Hagel’s invitation for all 10 of his ASEAN counterparts to meet in the United States marked a first for a U.S. defense secretary. Hagel’s proactive hospitality underlines the Pentagon’s continued leadership in the Indo-Pacific and its role as the leading edge of President Barack Obama’s rebalance to Asia. [+][+][+][+][+]

‣ Shangri-La Dialogue 2013

Keynote Address: Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister, Vietnam, (PDF): Building Strategic Trust for Peace, Cooperation and Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific RegionWhile languages and expressions might differ, I am sure we all agree that without trust, ["to build strategic trust for peace, cooperation and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific"] there would be no success and harder work asks for bigger trust. In Vietnam, there is a saying that ‘if trust is lost, all is lost.’ Trust is the beginning of all friendships and cooperation, the remedy that works to prevent calculations that could risk conflicts. Trust must be treasured and nurtured constantly by concrete, consistent actions in accordance with the common norms and with a sincere attitude. [+][+][+][+][+]

First Plenary Session: Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense, US, (PDF) The US Approach to Regional SecurityRelationships, trust, ["building trust and reducing the risk of miscalculation"] and confidence are what matter most in the region. America’s partners must have confidence in their bilateral ties and alliances with us and our commitments to them and the region, including our treaty alliances. These remain essential to our long-term vision of regional peace and stability.

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