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National Charts: Malaysia, China, Australia

Looking more closely at Varuna's current Rx cycle and conjunction with asteroid Perth, decided to also investigate these national charts. [didn't know Jenny Seagrove was born in Kuala Lumpur, love her in Judge John Deed].

Astrologer Liz Greene looks at the national charts for Malaysia {chart} & Australia {chart} — using data from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion.

Marc Penfield's Horoscopes of Asia, Australia and the Pacific covers these countries and their major cities.

Check Neptune Café's China's New Horoscope, analyzing a video of Mao's declaration of independence with a time of "3:01 or possibly 3:02 pm" that may be more accurate than 3:15 pm.

I'll be looking at charts for Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Perth.

Also check out Ho Peng Yoke's Chinese Mathematical Astrology:

The ability to predict has always been, and remains, an important aim of science. In traditional China, astronomers devised methods of divination that were not only applied to natural events such as weather forecasting, but also to mundane human affairs. The three most sophisticated devices were shrouded in clouds of secrecy. During the eleventh century and for hundreds of years thereafter, candidates were examined on their knowledge of these devices behind the closed doors of the Chinese Astronomical Bureau.

Known by little other than their names, this is the first book in any language that attempts to make an academic study of the three methods, known as the sanshi (three cosmic boards), which turned out to have a profound influence on Chinese society.

Ho Peng Yoke has published widely on Chinese alchemy, astronomy, divination and mathematics. He occupied senior academic positions in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Australia and Hong Kong before becoming the Director of the Needham Research Institute in 1990. On his retirement at the end of 2001 he became its Emeritus Director. He is an academician of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, Academia Sinica and the International Euro-Asia Academy of Science.

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