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Varuna, Decimal time & Right ascension

(20000) Varuna
Discovered 28-Nov-2000 by Robert McMillan (Spacewatch)

302 total observations over interval
1954 11 24.28299 – 2014 01 26.62634

2008–2015, Varuna Cancer 25°

Decimal time • Right ascension

In a job interview once, they asked how to do a simple task on the computer (maybe something about the register). Ask someone who knows. Wrong answer, but my mind prioritizes data. If you think it's a needle in a haystack, it's a needle in a haystack. (96189) Pygmalion, or (100268) Rosenthal, effect: greater expectations enhance performance {chart}.

Quick linkage:

Spacewatch Discovery of Minor Planet 2000 WR106McMillan (pdf bio) • discovered at 10 Cancer 29 on 28 November 2000 at 9:51 a.m. MSTChiron and Friends: Varuna discovery Sabian @ Cancer 11° (Note: Cancer 25° discovery degree for #63252 (2001 BL41)).

Wikipedia notes Varuna "precovered in plates dating back to 1953", but check observations over interval above :: Andrea Boattini reported: "A. Knofel and R. Stoss of DANEOPS, both from Germany, were successful in locating several precovery images of 2000 WR106 from the Palomar Sky Surveys (POSS I and POSS II), with the oldest image dating back to 1954".

An archived page states (may require login):

Por otra parte, también fue numerado el asteroide transneptuniano más grande (20000) 2000WR106. Con un tamaño de 900 Km.,es básicamente el mismo que el de (1) Ceres. Observaciones recuperadas en placas fotográficas de 1954 y la medida del albedo permitieron un mayor conocimiento de este lejano cuerpo,y dada la coincidencia con el bicentenario se decidió asignarle una numeración tan redonda. He de comentar que por tradición se suele reservar los nombramientos de los millares a objetos de especial relevancia.

{Google Translate} Moreover, it was also the largest transneptunian numbered asteroid (20000) 2000WR106. With a size of 900 km, is basically the same as that of (1) Ceres. Observations recovered in 1954 photographic plates and measuring the albedo allowed a better understanding of this distant body, and given the coincidence with the bicentennial was decided to assign such round numbers. I have to comment that tradition is usually reserved for the appointment of thousands of objects of special relevance.

Varuna 1954 prediscovery puts it at Taurus 8. Varuna first ingress to Cancer 1992; first ingress to Leo 2016.

Heidegger talks about the clearing. Grokisational awareness observing my responses to different people; seeing the clearing they made [the aura they projected] for others to appear. Some people, I learned, can be amazingly generous, improvisational and creative: creating a freedom to generate powerfully in the clearing in the woods. In my mind, the Captain and his First Officer are still communicating. Whatever materializes, someone wants to be found. [(175) Andromache’s [+] aristeia, Sean Signore: Achilles and Andromache (Thesis); Andromache's Aristeia; Andromache as Maenadic Warrior & Charles Segal: Andromache's Anagnorisis: Formulaic Artistry in Iliad 22.437-476]

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