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(11966) Plateau

Geodetic Midheaven for Perth, AUS: Cancer 25°51′32″

About to upload/post at 12:14am PDT [6:14pm AEDT] Chart-B{Canberra}, and append link after Chart-A{Canberra}, when cable and internet go out. Never saw cable box display incorrect time before.

Chart-A{Canberra} is 1:50pm AEDT, Chart-B{Canberra} is 6:30pm AEDT [Perth is AWST]. Immediately noted chart's hexagram formed with (3953) Perth at apex, opposite Moon, etc.

This post looks at different versions of this chart.

On 20-Mar-2014 (approx. 2:06p AEDT), before Parliament in Canberra, Australian PM Abbott [+][+][(17023) Abbott & (17024) Costello] reports debris sighted; 3:30p AEDT press conference (also in Canberra) has more details (PDF) [+][+] provided by John Young (GM, AMSA Rescue Coordination Centre). At midnight pacific, CNN displays graphic with Diamantina Trench, southwest of Perth… in the eastern part of the larger Diamantina Fracture Zone, which stretches from the Ninety East Ridge to the Naturaliste Plateau — so that's where Plateau comes from, and Chart-A{Canberra} at 1.50pm [A Royal Australian Air Force Orion aircraft arrived in the area about 1.50pm AEDT].

locate city code, add to string

6:26:30p (AEDT), Basic chart

6:26:30p (AEDT) w/ (3953) Perth

Chart-D{Varuna conj Perth Geodetic Midheaven}

The appropriate dakṣinā belonging to an oblation offered to Varuṇa is a horse, for the horse is vāruṇaḥ… “The horse is the speed of the wind, for the horse is Varuṇa”… Varuṇa is the protector of the steed… one of the dieties in domestic rites for the welfare of horses… The sea, Varuṇa's element and kingdom, is the womb or birthplace of the horse… and so are the waters in general… When Prajāpati, at the request of the gods, went in search of Agni, he became a white horse… to Varuṇa belongs what is black or dark.

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