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discrepancies & observations

Just noticed big difference between Aldebaran @ Gemini 10° on Swiss Ephemeris Test Page vs. Extended Chart Selection. Additionally, discrepancies between what's displayed [Aldebaran @ Gemini 9°59′59″ or 10°0′0″] on generated chart vs. Additional tables (PDF). Since those tables are free, wondering whether Subscribers tables are more accurate.

Swetest shows Aldebaran changing to Gemini 10° on 03-Oct-2014 @ 16:49:55 UTC. [change URL string from 2 to 1, note difference: ut16%3A49%3A550382 / ut16%3A49%3A550381].

Note: Swetest default [-house[long,lat,hsys]]: Greenwich, UK (0.00,51.50); Placidus

Chart for the same time/date also shows Aldebaran ♊ 10°0'0".

However, the following charts show Aldebaran changing the previous day:

02-Oct-2014 @ 2:53:32.22pm (13:53:32.22 UTC), Aldebaran ♊ 9°59′59″.

02-Oct-2014 @ 2:53:32.23pm (13:53:32.23 UTC), Aldebaran ♊ 10°0′0″

Plus: just realized somewhere on the planet — whenever Astrodienst decides Aldebaran changes to Gemini 10° — the Ascendant conjuncts Aldebaran. Probably somewhere in Asia (or anything East of Greenwich). Still checking.

[5:11 PM 3/12/2014]

Considering my UQ [ungrokability quotient = you're doing it wrong!]: As far as the fixed stars are concered, I have more confidence in Swetest. Keep in mind, different astrology software may indicate different dates when the Royal Stars change degrees or houses. I usually update the Royals if a new version of Swetest changes anything. However, since those changes are microseconds [HH:MM:SSSSSS], haven't been checking the chartworx [HH:MM:SS.S]. IOW, microseconds seem to matter more for Swetest.

Btw, Astrodienst's fixed star option — "add some fixed stars" — just displays ALG, ALD, SIR, REG, SPI, ANT on chart's edge. They recently (in the last year or so) added more features allowing their entire database of Fixed Stars to display on charts. Instead of on the edge, selected Fixed Stars are sorted into their appropriate Houses. They also appear on the planet list and Additional tables (PDF). Selecting "aspect lines to all" shows how Fixed Stars play a dynamic role on a chart.

Because Fomalhaut doesn't display on "add some fixed stars" option — I ♥ these new features.

Since the charts are showing the correct degree and date (even when the Royals are changing the day before on the chart builder), for now: not worried, but keeping a lookout.


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