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Geodetic Midheaven for KLIA: Cancer 11°41′53″

First Quarter currently @ ♋ 4°19′53″ {105°4′12″ from Sun}
Moon ☌ KLIA, 10-Mar-2014 @ 13:06:22 UTC {111°49′5″ from Sun}

Sun ☌ Bellona at 19°♓ on 10-Mar-2014 @ 15:05:30 UTC

2014 Year of the Horse: Trojans near and far


  • Eteoneus {26LE21Rx} 44°0′16″ from Jupiter {12CN20} @ EON-4 (Phase Arc 40° ~ Waxing Novile) Cultivation, Instinctual Growth, Nascent Qualities, Accelerating § KEYNOTE: Cultivation of nascent qualities and possibilities § DYNAMIC: achieves substance and momentum § SABIAN: Leo 26-27° The Luminescence Of Dawn In The Eastern Sky
  • Amphiaraos {06SC54} 114°33′48″ from Jupiter {12CN20} @ EON-12 (Phase Arc 108° ~ Waxing Tri-Decile) Maturation, Cosmic Intent, Higher Spin, Catalysing § KEYNOTE: Maturing new qualities of being participate creatively in a larger scheme § DYNAMIC: catalyzing outward activity § SABIAN: Scorpio 6-7° Deep-Sea Divers


  • Boucolion {05GE29Rx} 36°51′27″ from Jupiter {12CN20} @ EON-3 (Phase Arc 36° ~ Waxing Decile) Revelation, Pivot/Decision Point, New Qualities, Differentiating § KEYNOTE: The eon reveals a new Quality of being to be actualized through the cyclic process § DYNAMIC: what to be § SABIAN: Gemini 5-6° Workmen Drilling For Oil
  • Astyanax {05AR23} 96°57′13″ from Jupiter {12CN20} @ EON-10 (Phase Arc 90° ~ Waxing Square) Liberation, Decisive Break or Action, Equalization, Ascending § KEYNOTE: Maturing new qualities demand freedom from the past and its compulsions § DYNAMIC: decisive break with the past § SABIAN: Aries 5-6° A Square, With One Of Its Sides Brightly Illumined

The Babylonian Zodiac

Cleomedes states (De motu I, 11, p. 106,25 to 108,5 Ziegler) that there exist two bright stars such that the rising of one coincides with the setting of the other: Aldebaran (α Tauri) and Antares (α Scorpii), both being located at the 15th degree of their respective sign
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