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Timeline Notes

Sun ☌ Raphaela, Psyche, Patroclus, Veritas, Priamus, Yerkes • New Moon ☌ Narcissus • Universitas ☌ Patricia, Eris, 1992 QB1, Alekto • Descendant ☌ Guedes, Campania • Terpsichore☌Roswitha/Nemesis. (615) Roswitha—Named in honor of the German poetess Roswitha von Gandersheim.

[Hrotsvit presents Emperor Otto the Great with her Gesta Oddonis, in the background Abbess Gerberga, woodcut by Albrecht Dürer, 1501]. Fulltext search on Roswitha: 1479: Privilege of the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg

6. The ‘coat of arms' copper-plate as a quasi-trademark

When looking at printing privileges, twentieth-century historians like Bappert[31] and Gieseke[32] were interested in aspects of pre-copyright regimes. They therefore identified the first steps to protect printers against reprinting in the German lands with the privilege granted in 1501 by the Imperial Senate to Conrad Celtis and his Nuremberg edition of works by Hrotsvit (Roswitha) of Gandersheim (d_1501). Earlier charters of protection[33] granted by bishops were left out of their survey, since these were based on traditional Christian authority rather than on early-modern concepts of governance by legality. However, more recent media and book historians, like Falk Eisermann[34], have pointed to Rudolf of Scherenberg's quite advanced methods of ‘media control' and to his strategic use of prints so that they would serve his political and ecclesiastical aims.


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