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#477 Italia

2014 Year of the Horse
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Geodetic Midheaven for Perugia, Italy: Aries 12°23′20″

Italia ☌ Perugia Geodetic MC, 16-May-2014 @ 5:54am (CEST)
(03:54 UTC; 15-May @ 8:54pm PDT)
Next conjunction occurs in 2018

(477) Italia — Named by the discoverer in honor of his native country. See also the remarks to planets (63) and (69), respectively. For the naming source see the citation for planet (478).

(478) Tergeste — This is the ancient name of Trieste, the city at the northeast of the Adriatic sea. Luigi Carnera (1875-1962) was born in Trieste.

(63) Ausonia — Named for a part or all of Italy after its king Auson, a son of Odysseus {see planet (1143)} and Kallisto {see planet (204)}. The planet was first called Italia, a name which nowadays is assigned to planet (477).

(69) Hesperia — Discovered 1861 Apr. 26 by G. Schiaparelli at Milan. Hesperia is the Greek name for Italy derived from Hespera or Vesper, the setting Sun, the evening or the evening star in which direction Italy lay.
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