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Mystic Rectangles

Mystic rectangle is a modern term for a planetary configuration composed of two trines that are connected by two sextiles. To qualify as a mystic rectangle, the pairs of planets on opposite sides of the horoscope from each other must form oppositions. Despite the name, individuals with mystic rectangles in their natal charts need not be mystically inclined. The name seems to have originated with Madame Helena Blavatsky, one of the founders of the Theosophical Society, who had this configuration in her chart.

Nencini Appeal verdict from Florence, Italy for Meredith Kercher murder trial announced 30-Jan-2014 @ 9:50pm CET (12:50pm PST; 20:50 UTC). Lunar New Year occurred 30-Jan-2014 @ 21:38 UTC (10:38pm CET; 1:38pm PST). [Moon Phases2014 Year of the Horse • here's a chart with Italian-related asteroids where Sun☌Italia and Florence☌ASC (note: Hesperia is the Greek name for Italy representing "the evening star"; Mony named for Perugia University student; Pisano named for Italian sculptors (Nicolò and Giovanni) who designed the Fontana Maggiore in Perugia)].

Checking Meredith Kercher's birth chart (28-Dec-1985, time unknown), for 6:00am* noticed collapsing mystic rectangle involving Moon and True Node, which do not sextile on this chart. That sextile occurred earlier during the Full Moon on 27-Dec-1985 @ 07:30 UTC {chart; with Royal Stars}. Meredith was born during a full moon, and if she wasn't killed during the Last Quarter Moon on 01-Nov-2007 @ 21:18 UTC [+], her body was certainly discovered during that time.

   * Time set for 05:13UTC when Moon at Cancer 16°40′24.2746″ conjuncts Knox's Sun at Cancer 16°40′24.2746″.

If only the four major phases of the moon are considered, the Nencini verdict occurred during the Last Quarter on 24-Jan-2014. When the sub-phases are considered, the verdict occurred during the Balsamic Moon. Jan 30th Moon is also a Dark Moon. Additionally, there were two New Moons in January 2014 and the second new moon (Jan 30th) is also a Black Moon. There seems to be a pattern of Full Moon (Birth), Last Quarter (Death), New Moon (Verdict) where the next moon to look for is the First Quarter. Note: Both Guede (1986) and Sollecito (1984; chart) were born during Last Quarter Moons; Knox has a Gibbous moon, born during a First Quarter phase (1987; chart).

Meredith was born after "six o'clock in the evening" [+]. Moon changed from Cancer 23° to 24° approximately 7:19pm; La Volasfera symbol for Cancer 24° A horseman armed, moving across a desert towards some woody hills.

This chart shows asteroid (499) Venusia☌Sun — named for Tycho Brahe's insula Venusia. One of the more interesting analysis of this case involves Sun-Venus conjunctions: [+][+][+][+][+].

[5:23 AM 2/12/2014]

Aldebaran, is a pale rose star marking the right eye of the Bull; the 3rd royal star to reach its 21st century position on 03-Oct-2014 @ 16:49:55UT (Wood Horse). Meredith Kercher was born in the year of the Wood Ox (2007: Fire Pig). Fomalhaut (19-Jun-2009: Earth Ox); Regulus (26-Nov-2011: Metal Rabbit); Antares (01-Mar-2017: Fire Rooster).

Metaphysical Zone: Wood Ox & Wood Horse.

Sun ☌ Venus (inferior) on 11-Jan-2014 @ 12:24:26 UT. Venus went direct on 31-Jan-2013. Sun ☌ Venus (superior) occurs 25-Oct-2014 @ 07:30:47UT.

Keep an eye on First Quarter Moon Aquarius 7° for 31-Oct-2014 @ 02:48:19UT.

Geodetic Midheaven for Perugia, Italy: Aries 12°23′20″. On Lunar New Year: Hesperia {11AR28}.

The Greeks were about to pack up and go home when the goddess Athena appeared in a dream to a seer named Prylis and inspired him with the fabled stratagem that finally ended the Trojan War. It was a hollow wooden horse…

Men in the Horse: Who's who inside the Trojan Horse. Forty men with 37* named Jupiter Trojans. L4 = Greeks, leading Jupiter & L4• went inside the Trojan Horse. L5 = Trojans, following Jupiter. Exceptions: Trojan (624) Hektor in Greek camp (L4); Greek (617) Patroclus in Trojan camp (L5); Three L5s went into the Trojan Horse (?).

   * 38 including Thessandrus not on this list.

Two episodes involving women leaders are notable examples of Protesilaos's correction and emendation of the poetic accounts. The first concerns Hiera [7119; Jupiter Trojan (L4)], the warrior queen of the Mysians who led the Mysian women into battle with the Achaeans alongside the male warriors. Protesilaos, who fought in that battle on the Achaean side, maintains that she was the most beautiful of all women, surpassing Helen, and that to exalt Helen Homer omitted all mention of Hiera from his poems (Her. 23.28–29).

Etcetera: (1172) Aneas, (2798) Vergilius; (5700) Homerus, (6604) Ilias; (3302) Schliemann, discovered the ancient site of (3912) Troja; (4110) Keats, On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer: “Then felt I like some watcher of the skies / When a new planet swims into his ken”…

Earlier this week, Universe Today challenged North American readers to spot the slender, exceptionally “young” crescent Moon on the evening of New Year’s Day. Three visual athletes based in Arizona took up the challenge on Wednesday evening, with amazing results. Mike Weasner, Rob Sparks and Jim Cadien managed to spot the razor thin crescent Moon just 13 hours and 48 minutes after it passed New phase earlier on January 1st… Weasner also noted that a bright Venus aided them in their quest. It’s strange to think that Venus, though visually tiny, is actually intrinsically brighter than the limb of the Moon, owing to its higher albedo. In fact, some great pictures have also been pouring in to Universe Today of Venus as it heads towards inferior conjunction this month on January 11th.

Triple Goddess
Maiden · Mother · Crone
Waxing Crescent · Full Moon · Waning Crescent
…there are two crescents and two Maidens; the Bright Maiden corresponding to the waxing moon, curving toward the right. The Dark Maiden corresponds to the waning crescent, curving toward the left. In older mythic systems, these maidens can be seen on the labyris or double-bladed ax, once used by Amazons as a tool and weapon. —Shekhinah Mountainwater

[11:11 AM 2/13/2014]

Posted young crescent moon and triple goddess to help clarify "the next moon to look for is the First Quarter". The Bright Maiden. The waning dark phase of the Moon is elastic — it's malleable and feminine. The waxing crescent is an important element in different cultures and religions — it's patriarchic and masculine. While the time of the Nencini verdict is definitely influenced by the New Moon, it's still dark. Perhaps Nencini's statement during the appeal, "there is time for every request", illustrates a mutable, yet untaken, opportunity.

Speaking of timing: neither Meredith's or Guede's exact time of birth are known. Only Sollecito & Knox charts available at Astro-Databank (see links above) with AA Rodden Ratings — highest and most accurate rating. The other two charts (with hopefully similar accuracy) would provide professional astrologers (which i'm not) an opportunity to provide a more thorough and complete analysis (especially synastry). Eg., someone noted a lack of Air in Sollecito & Knox charts. Not quite true, but none of the planets appear in Air signs. Meredith's Jupiter is in Aquarius. Guede, however, has an interesting Moon in Via Combusta. On 26-Dec-1986, the Moon ranged from Libra 23°38′59″ (Air) to Scorpio 7°30′12″ (Water). The only ‘safe’ haven or ‘protected’ degree is Libra 24° (which has a very interesting Sabian, btw).

[i'm going to finish this post with a table of trials and appeals and their moon phases]

[5:56 AM 2/15/2014]
got to run & get car checked this morning, but here's the first table for Guede (not quite finished yet).

[9:40 AM 2/19/2014]

Added some Geodetics & more asteroids.

New BBC Three documentary shows Meredith Kercher's headstone: 28th Dec. 1985 - 1st Nov. 2007. Skimmed over this the first time: TOD, established by Forensic pathologist Dr. Luca Lalli, 01-Nov-2007 @ 11:00 PM CET (this could be close to "Official" TOD given to the family). [+][+][+][+][+][+][+]. Meredith ate dinner at a friend's house, then walked home (approximately 9:00PM CET). Meredith's death was "slow agony" — possible the attack occurred prior, and Meredith died after, Last Quarter Moon at 10:18PM CET.

Instead of two separate moon phase timelines (one for Guede, another for Sollecito/Knox), decided to combinine the two. Starting from arrests for all four.

Diya 'Patrick' Lumumba born 05-May-1969 (time unknown; chart; Earth Rooster). Full Moon, 02-May-1969 @ 05:13 UTC; Disseminating Moon 05-May-1969 @ 11:36 UTC.

[10:15 PM 3/3/2014]

This post generated several others: Tattvas & Timelines (work in progress), #477 Italia, #7313 Pisano. After skipping 2013–14 grid, finally sorted out table problems with new LJ style and created 2014–15 Grid (Total Solar Eclipse occurs prior to 2015 Spring Equinox). Instead of timing by Decans (36, 10 degrees), it's timing by Quinaries (72, 5 degrees) for the 2014–15 Grid.

Jan-Feb events for Year of the Horse (relevant asteroids added, 1227 currently):

The Maidan: Ukraine Announces Accord to End Crisis (21-Feb).

• President Obama's Feb. 14th meeting with the King of Jordan at Sunnylands announced 29-Jan-2014.

• Asteroids named for Mexico, Venezuela also added.

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