northanger (northanger) wrote,

calculating dharma point

easiest way to determine your dharma point:

if you already know your ASC, Sun & Moon positions, use this arabic parts calculator

[1] register at astrodienst.
[2] enter astro data.
[3] click the astro-link on myastro page to access free horoscopes.
[4] scroll down to Horoscope Chart Drawings & select Extended Chart Selection
[5] enter the following:

° Natal Chart Wheel
° Astrodienst w. asteroids
° Default House System
° Additional Objects: Pars Fortunae & Vertex
° Always Use True Node
° Always Use Day Formula for Pars Fortunae
° Add Some Fixed Stars
° Add Asteroid Numbers (5 Max)
° Full Size Image for Good Print Quality
° Use Landscape Format if Possible

[6] Click here to show the chart.
[7] Remember to save PDF of additional chart info.
[8] Dharma Point (Part of Fortune) requires ASC, Moon & Sun positions.
[9] Quick Glyph Ref (big file).
[10] Locate ASC at the bottom of the left-hand box: "AC".
[11] Degrees (°), Minutes ('}, Seconds (")
[12] Locate your DP on the biglist (btw, the DP for the biglist is 19Virgo50).

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