northanger (northanger) wrote,

“Where with vast convolution Draco holds”

β·γ·μ·ν·ξ·δ·ε·χ·ζ·η·θ·ι·α·κ·λ Winter Solstice 21-Dec-2013 @ 17:11UT

Came sixty riding on horseback to the seashore. Eleven rode on stately steeds; four white horses. However they tried they could not cross the water, for it was too deep and the banks too high and the currents too strong. So they climbed on a wagon, with their horses under the pole. Then a horse bore them all, horses and proud men with spears, across the bay and on to the land, though no ox drew it, nor powerful slaves, nor stout steed—neither swam nor walked on the ground under the strange burden, nor stirred the waters, nor flew in the air, nor turned back. Yet the men crossed the stream and their steeds also, from the high bank. So they strode up on the other side bravely, men and horses, safe and sound from the water. • 63 (k-d 22)

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