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i'm pissed off right now.

argh. don't know how to work these lj moods. hope they don't mind.
it was Megaira, black in her infernal robe, with her evil eye.

crikey. i'm done with this ... ah! cede euphuist pickoff
(much later)
</a>feel lots better.



there are three additional cards to the thoth deck: {1} blank, {2} description with OTO info & {3} unicursal hexagram. always think it's kinda funny when i get one of these. pulled #2 before going to bed last night thinking about angel SHIA. thought a "why me?" chat long overdue. boy, did i have some strange dreams. lol. supposed to meet this guy. it's nighttime & i see this totally fucked up guy with sunglasses. roll my eyes: it's gotta be him. he sees me doing this: it's gotta be you. insanity reigns. some type of "borg artifact" removed from my foot. wake up a-ok.

which got me thinking about these guys & how to use them with the dharma point & the biglist—which is what this post is setting up.


yikers. being fried by Tyson's 24 angels (TETRAGRAMMTON). figured out mysql backtrace points to database error at SEKHMET. few months ago worked on jetbox one demo using mysql for first time—so, not fully ramped on error debugging yet. but, think problem located:

Database.php line 360 calls outputpage::databaseerror()

360 = CIRCLE, also the zodiac wheel. where is the error on the biglist?

sequence of events: last night deal with angel ShIA. today, investigate dharma point. mine located in taurus with ShIA. however, ShIA and AISh share rulership. how are Tyson's angels assigned to zodiac?. mercy = male (sun, gold, overt) // severity = female (moon, silver, occult). investigating polarity discovered copied quinary polarities incorrectly on biglist. (bringing up side issue: DAY & NIGHT Goëtic order not aligned by polarity—reassign? nope (at least not right now!)).

if Tyson's mötley crüe assigned by triplicty ... brb


posted this & this & working thru tyson's tetragrammaton & other odd bits. from tyson's intro:

The complex structure of Tetragrammaton and its various permutations is expressed by two very important symbolic forms: the throne of God, described by St. John in Revelation 4; and the cosmic clock, which appears throught the Enochian diaries of John Dee, but particularly in the third and fourteenth Enochian Keys. As I will demonstrate in this work, it is possible to prove that the throne and the cosmic clock are at root the same symbol, both designed to express the structure and parts of IHVH. The throne of God and the cosmic clock illustrate the strong link that exists between the vision of St. Joh, Dee's Hieroglyphic Monad, and the Enochian diaries, and unlock many of the secrets in these works. Because the throne and clock are so important in understanding Tetragrammaton, I have examined the system of Enochian magic in considerable detail in Chapter XVI [The Watchtowers and the Keys].

tyson expands on the cosmic clock idea in the appendix analyzing the enochian keys. third & fourtheenth keys specifically (tyson explains) refer to the "clock"—the zodiac. tyson provides an example of how he conceives this— the great clock in the Piazza San Marco in Venice. after some searching, found awesome site with great images & documentation on this astronomical clock. tyson describes the clock face in great detail (from this page). this is similar to my understanding (Antikythera mechanism) of the enochian system.

still working through tyson's 24 angels (Wings of the Wind). they are also mentioned in the keys: Can The Wings Of The Winds Understand Your Voices Of Wonder?; and, mentioned in the bible: And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly: and he was seen upon the wings of the wind. {2 Samuel 22:11}; And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly: yea, he did fly upon the wings of the wind. {Psalms 18:10}; and, Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters: who maketh the clouds his chariot: who walketh upon the wings of the wind. {Psalms 104:3}

as a newbie magician & former good catholic school girl, when i first read this i became quite worried. just as worried when i discovered i was reading the wrong bible! no one understands the Book of Revelation—i have read several theories vastly different from the other. it can be as horrible as some people imagine & as natural as chewing your nails. i'm as clueless about what it all means as i remain clueless why fretting babies fall asleep when you plop them on the top of a gently vibrating dryer. but ... since in AQ APOCALYPSE = HEREDITARY, i trust we'll all know it when we see it.


documentary last night on animal planet showed lemurs using poisonous centipedes to coat their fur. lemurs didn't hurt the little guys, just bit & bother so they'd release their venom. i notice this lemur's eyes (frantically biting & rubbing) wondering what's going on. narrator finally says these little dudes get high on this. poor curled & used up centipede seen dropping on the jungle floor while our furry mascot hangs like a fried hippie to his tree limb. unfortunately, when i wake up my next door neighbor asks for another loan—i think he needed a fix.

house-dog-cat sitting this weekend. gotta go check on the dog & probably pick up some poop. worked out Hebrew words for angels ShYA and AYSh. will discuss when i return. oh yeah. the easter bunny (my new managers) gave me a lily.


ShYA & AYSh part of Tyson's angel crew {1}{2} assigned to Taurus:

HHVI: Taurus (Earth—Fixed)

Angel of Mercy: ShIA + AL (Shiael)—HHVI
Angel of Severity: AISh + IH (Aishiah)—HHVI

each angel pair assigned to zodiac sign representing 12 overt & 12 occult aspects of each sign. overt = sun, male polarity, chesed (mercy); occult = moon, female polarity, geburah (severity). Shiæl is the overt aspect of Taurus & Aishiah is the occult aspect. tyson's TETRAGRAMMATON describes these angels and a complex set of tools & rituals including gold & silver rings and assuming the christ-form to command these angels. tyson considers these 24 angels "extremely potent" and therefore must be commanded by the highest authority. various command positions considered: 24 elders (tetragrammaton), seven lamps of fire (planets), archangels (elemental). simpler, all-inclusive approach: be christ. entire chapter dedicated to assuming the christ-form with helpful ritual provided, etc.

my approach involves using the biglist & locating my part of fortune (dharma point) & weaving a vermicular (like that word) trail through the asteroids, centaurs, planets & stars. first trying this blown away by synchronicities, etc & decided to study ShYA and AYSh more closely. AYSh (iysh) means "man" and its root anash means "to be weak, sick, frail". more info: The Wheel of Jacob:

   AYSh (man) + RLA (231 gates) = YShRAL

this formula seems to involve attaining human perfection by traversing the 231 Gates. RLA = 231 (R=200, L=30, A=1):

According to the early Kabbalists, the 231 Gates are alluded to in the name Israel. In Hebrew, Israel is spelled YiSRAeL (larsy). These letters can also spell out YeSh RLA (alr sy), which literally means "there are 231." —Sefer Yetzirah (p. 117), Aryeh Kaplan

the importance of the letter Shin {1} attaining perfection (jw); and {2} representing the five-fold name of christ where Sh added to YHVH = YHShVH (tyson's angels).

word study for ShYA and AYSh uncovered connecting word: Kerioth-hezron. AYSh short for "shew yourselves men," comes from Iskariotes "men of Kerioth" and used for Judas Iscariot. Kerioth is the name of a city & also means "cities"—Judas Iscariot is from this city. several words spelled ShYA meaning "to rise; rising", "rush over", "emptiness", and the name of a scribe named Sheva, the son of Caleb and a grandson of Hezron. also several versions of the scribe's name. Hezron means "enclosed" or "surrounded by a wall" (He placed them in a circle like a wall with 231 Gates. SY 2:4).

Kerioth-hezron appears in Joshua 15:25 And Hazor, Hadattah, and Kerioth, and Hezron, which is Hazor. however, Gill's Expositor notes this refers to only two cities: Keriothhezron (Enclosed Cities) & Hazorhadattah (probably: New Castle). the root of Kerioth is qarah "to encounter, meet, befall, happen, come to meet".

tyson's assuming the christ-form ritual includes {a} renouncing earthly name thrice, {b} being consumed by holy fire & "passing away" and, {c} basically sitting there a few moments visualizing lying dead in a coffin, eaten by worms, flesh falling away into the black mud ... etc. ritual concludes invoking the messiah as king of light & fiery knight, etc.

thought this all interesting on account it's easter. happy egg day.

yeah! i'm getting HBO & SHOWTIME next week!


gosh, just checked gematria for the occult angel for 0°-5° cancer (YILDUN): Yodiah (IVD):

GON1 22 = WINNERS OF ORDEAL X; HOW IS THE FORTY-NINTH KEY OPENED?; THE SPIDER; MULTIORGASMIC; MASTER OF THE WORLD {Liber Pennæ Prænumbra}; A Through-thrusting Fire {Enochian Key: 1}; O You Heavens Arise {Enochian Key: 19}; Limitless Light; ((This number (22) connects the idea of unity with the Tarot card Justice. In Liber 777 Crowley states that the number suggests; "the completion of imperfection," and "finality, and fatal finality"; "The daughter of the Lords of Truth. The ruler of the Balance"; "Nemesis the ultimate automatic Justice of Nature"; relates to Crowley's Liber 418, The Vision And The Voice: "The Obelisks are broken; the stars have rushed together: the light hath plunged into the abyss: the Heavens are mixed with Hell."; "A man, dark, yet delicious of countenance", "A dark man, in his right hand a spear and laurel branch and in his left a book"; 'Human-faced bull' connects the number to the constellation Taurus and thus to Aldebaran)); EUCHARIST; JERUSALEM.



84 + 37 = 121 = double phenomena are only two ways of looking at a single phenomenon


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