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[5:48 AM 4/27/2014] List of links started last year. Sorted, revised, updated.

Pluto's first ingress into Capricorn: 26-Jan-2008 @ 02:38:11 UTC; Pluto re-entered Sagittarius 14-Jun-2008 @ 05:11:51 UTC during Retrograde; Pluto second ingress into Capricorn: 27-Nov-2008 @ 01:03:54 UTC.

ἀειδές • πλοῦτος

Pluto: Astronomy

Pluto: Mythology


Pluto: Astrology

Charts, Graphs, &c


American Revolution


Greek Thought and the Origins of the Scientific Spirit, Léon Robin

This is how the diverse and variable equalities of sensuous experience awaken in us the thought of a perfect, unchangeable, unique Equality, which exists "in itself, invisible (ἀειδές), apart from" equal things and as something "other".

Summary and Analysis of the Dialogues of Plato, Alfred Day

Pluton. In the Cratylus this designation is regarded as borrowed from πλοῦτος, "wealth," because riches are dug from the Earth. Hades takes its derivation from ἀειδές, "the unseen," or "unseemly," and it is argued that Desire is a stronger bond than that of Necessity. This leads to further surmising that Pluton may take his title from his aflluence of wisdom, and Hades from a verb of "knowledge." The etymologies of the Cratylus are usually word plays of this sort, and leave you a choice of alternatives. Names become thus only a text for fanciful suggestions.

{481} Sirens seated on the planetary spheres each utter a note of the chord, making the inaudible music of the spheres… are accompanied by the Fates — are spoken of not only as accompanying the motions of the spheres and sinking as they roll in conjunction with the Fates, but as themselves charmed,… so as to prefer in the lower world to listen to the wealth of words and wisdom of Pluton… We have here a very striking and characteristic instance of the way in which the etymologies of the Cratylus are made suggestive. Plato's aim is clearly to make room for a pregnant thought rather than to play the mere grammarian.

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