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Pluto in Capricorn (table)

Le Tableau de planètes extérieures
2014 Grand Cross: Pluto
Pluto notes

Swiss Ephemeris v1.80.00
Pluto 2013-15 Rx & several other dates updated to v2

In the horoscope of the United States, Pluto, as it moves through Capricorn, is opposing the Sun in the natal chart, reflecting major and irrevocable changes on many levels. This aspect has occurred only once before in American history, during the period of the Revolutionary War. Although it is not intrinsically an aspect of war, it challenges the deepest definitions of what constitutes nationhood… Pluto, as it completes its transit through Capricorn, will also return to its own natal place: in other words, the United States is experiencing its Pluto return. This suggests the completion of a great cycle, and a cementing of the fundamental values on which the Constitution is built. • The national chart of the United States (2008-2024), Liz Greene

Date Sign & Degree Event
Pluto enters Capricorn (16th Century, Gregorian)
03-Jan-1516 Capricorn 0°00′00″ 1st Ingress
03-Nov-1516 2nd Ingress
George III becomes King of England
25-Oct-1760 Sagittarius 25°26′07″ 1°19′24″ from Pluto Demoted
Pluto enters Capricorn (18th Century)
French and Indian War/Seven Years’ War, 1754–63
08-Jan-1762 Capricorn 0°00′00″ 1st Ingress
03-Apr-1762 Capricorn 1°43′28″℞ Pluto Rx
24-Apr-1762 Capricorn 1°36′42″℞ Annular Solar Eclipse [1]
10-Sep-1762 Sagittarius 29°05′24″ Pluto Direct
17-Oct-1762 Sagittarius 29°26′36″ Total Solar Eclipse [1]
03-Nov-1762 Sagittarius 29°50′03″ Preliminary Treaty of Paris [1]
09-Nov-1762 Capricorn 0°00′00″ 2nd Ingress
Pluto 1762-64 Retrograde Cycle
15-Dec-1762 Capricorn 1°11′28″ Rx Zone begins
10-Feb-1763 Capricorn 3°04′27″ Treaty of Paris, 1763 [1]
05-Apr-1763 Capricorn 3°48′51″℞ Pluto Rx
12-Sep-1763 Capricorn 1°11′28″ Pluto Direct
07-Oct-1763 Capricorn 1°20′31″ Royal Proclamation of 1763[1]
Total Solar Eclipse [1]
02-Jan-1764 Capricorn 3°48′51″ Pluto Return
Pluto 1767-68 Retrograde Cycle
24-Dec-1767 Capricorn 11°15′29″ Rx Zone begins
16-Feb-1768 Capricorn 12°59′24″ DC-Geodetic
14-Apr-1768 Capricorn 13°49′02″℞ Pluto Rx
15-Jun-1768 Capricorn 12°59′24″℞ DC-Geodetic Rx
22-Sep-1768 Capricorn 11°15′29″ Pluto Direct
05-Nov-1768 Capricorn 11°44′05″ Treaty of Fort Stanwix [1]
19-Dec-1768 Capricorn 12°59′24″ DC-Geodetic
12-Jan-1769 Capricorn 13°49′02″ Pluto Return
Pluto 1775-76 Retrograde Cycle
03-Jan-1775 Capricorn 24°13′58″ Rx Zone begins
American Revolutionary War Begins
19-Apr-1775 Capricorn 26°41′34″ Lexington & Concord
27-Apr-1775 Capricorn 26°42′38″℞ Pluto Rx
07-Oct-1775 Capricorn 24°13′58″ Pluto Direct
28-Jan-1776 Capricorn 26°42′38″ Pluto Return
Pluto 1776-77 Retrograde Cycle
06-Jan-1776 Capricorn 25°58′52″ Rx Zone begins
25-Feb-1776 Capricorn 27°33′08″ Pluto @ 1776 Degree
28-Apr-1776 Capricorn 28°26′52″℞ Pluto Rx
04-July-1776 Capricorn 27°33′08″℞ USA (Dane Rudhyar)
08-Oct-1776 Capricorn 25°58′52″ Pluto Direct
01-Jan-1777 Capricorn 27°33′08″ Pluto @ 1776 Degree
29-Jan-1777 Capricorn 28°26′52″ Pluto Return
Pluto enters Aquarius (18th Century)
04-Apr-1777 Aquarius 0°00′00″ 1st Ingress
27-Jan-1778 Aquarius 0°00′00″ 2nd Ingress
01-Dec-1778 Aquarius 0°00′00″ 3rd Ingress
Pluto 1780-81 Retrograde Cycle
11-Jan-1780 Aquarius 2°45′18″ 1780-1 Rx zone
07-Mar-1780 Aquarius 4°24′06″ Yorktown Degree
05-May-1780 Aquarius 5°10′26″℞ Pluto Rx
07-Jul-1780 Aquarius 4°24′06″℞ Yorktown Degree Rx
15-Oct-1780 Aquarius 2°45′18″ Rx ends
12-Jan-1781 Aquarius 4°24′02″ 1781-2 Rx zone
12-Jan-1781 Aquarius 4°24′06″ Yorktown Degree
06-Feb-1781 Aquarius 5°10′26″ Pluto Return
13-Mar-1781 Aquarius 6°09′01″ Uranus Discovered
Pluto 1781-82 Retrograde Cycle
07-May-1781 Aquarius 6°48′27″℞ Pluto Rx
15-Oct-1781 Aquarius 4°24′06″℞ Yorktown Degree Rx
17-Oct-1781 Aquarius 4°24′02″ Rx ends
19-Oct-1781 Aquarius 4°24′06″ Cornwallis Surrenders
08-Feb-1782 Aquarius 6°48′27″ Pluto Return
American Revolutionary War Ends
03-Sep-1783 Treaty of Paris (1783)
03-Aug-1795 Treaty of Greenville
Oct-Dec 1800 US Presidential Election
19th Century Begins
01-Jan-1801 Pisces 2°42′31″ Pluto @ Pisces
01-Jan-1801 Taurus 23°23′13″℞ Ceres Discovered
01-Jan-1801 Pisces 02°42′31″ United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland
17-Feb-1801 US Contingent Election
04-Mar-1801 Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President
02-July-1809 Tecumseh's Confederacy
30-Sep-1809 Ten O'clock Line Treaty
18-June-1812 War of 1812
24-Sep-1846 Aquarius 6°09′01″ Neptune Discovered
18-Feb-1930 Cancer 17°45′53.96″ Pluto Discovered
98°40′51″ Uranus-Pluto square
Pluto Demoted to "Dwarf Planet"
Pluto ☍ HadesProserpina-Persephone square
24-Aug-2006 Sagittarius 24°06′43″℞ IAU 2006 General Assembly
Pluto enters Capricorn (21st Century)
26-Jan-2008 Capricorn 0°00′00″ 1st Ingress
15-Sep-2008 Sagittarius 28°30′20″ Lehman Files Bankruptcy [1][2][3]
4°23′37″ from Pluto Demoted
27-Nov-2008 Capricorn 0°00′00″ 2nd Ingress
Pluto 2013-15 Retrograde Cycle
Pluto makes 3 conjunctions to DC geodetic (Capricorn 12°59′24″); 3 oppositions to MH370 (LKP) geodetic (Cancer 13°34′43″). At station retrograde, Pluto 1°59′39″ from exact conjunction to DC geodetic; 2°34′58″ from exact opposition to MH370 (LKP).
24-Dec-2013 Capricorn 10°59′45″ Rx Zone begins
25-Feb-2014 Capricorn 12°59′24″ DC-Geodetic
14-Apr-2014 Capricorn 13°34′49″℞ Pluto Rx
04-Jun-2014 Capricorn 12°59′24″℞ DC-Geodetic Rx
23-Sep-2014 Capricorn 10°59′45″ Pluto Direct
26-Dec-2014 Capricorn 12°59′24″ DC-Geodetic
12-Jan-2015 Capricorn 13°34′49 Pluto Return
Pluto 2015-16 Retrograde Cycle
14-Jul-2015 Capricorn 14°04′05″℞ New Horizons Encounter
Pluto 2022-23 Retrograde Cycle
06-Jan-2022 Capricorn 26°06′58″ Rx Zone begins
20-Feb-2022 Capricorn 27°33′08″ Pluto @ 1776 Degree
29-Apr-2022 Capricorn 28°35′56″℞ Pluto Rx
11-Jul-2022 Capricorn 27°33′08″℞ USA Pluto Rx Return
08-Oct-2022 Capricorn 26°06′58″ Pluto Direct
28-Dec-2022 Capricorn 27°33′08″ Pluto @ 1776 Degree
29-Jan-2023 Capricorn 28°35′56″ Rx Return
Pluto enters Aquarius (21st Century)
23-Mar-2023 Aquarius 0°00′00″ 1st Ingress
21-Jan-2024 Aquarius 0°00′00″ 2nd Ingress
19-Nov-2024 Aquarius 0°00′00″ 3rd Ingress
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