northanger (northanger) wrote,

fixated interests and repetitive behaviors

HI :)

Welcome to my other world. I wrote this post to help sort through what you may see here.

As I told you before, I was working on this at home Monday morning. Early Tuesday, Kant mentioned 30+ times -- from a Libertarian focused ("the Bell Curve is right") blogger. Later, I was wondering what was happening when Voyager 1 entered interstellar space August 2012, ending up looking at old notes from 2009, which also included references to Kant, also reminding me Manning requested Kant in prison.

I guess I learned to play my own virtual game of numbers, patterns, word frequency, &c. It does not require any social interaction whatsoever.

The easiest way to navigate to specific dates is the Subject view: starting with November 2008 and current. The link to this post: here.

This post did get a comment (thank you). The only post I've ever written to specifically elicit comments.


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