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Cyrene Rx

(133) Cyrene is a main-belt asteroid discovered 1873-Aug-16 by J. C. Watson at Ann Arbor. First noted it here. Citation from Dictionary of Minor Planets:

Named after a daughter of Hypseus, king of the Lapithae. She loved to hunt and wrestle with lions. Apollo {see planet (1862)} saw her wrestle with a lion and fell in love with her. He was the father of her two sons Aristaeus {see planet (2135)} and Idmon, the latter a famous seer.

16-Aug-13 Tweet: Geodetic Midheaven for Damascus, Syria: Taurus 6°17′31″

Checking chart for 31-Aug-2013 @ 03:47UT [+], noted Cyrene☌Damascus geodetic. [giving me the idea Cyrene could be used on a chart to represent Syria]

Monday night worked another chart for 11-Sep-2013 @ 01:00UT [+] {Tweets: [+][+][+][+][+][+]}

Rechecked A History of Roman Religion by Franz Altheìm [PDF][+]; googling ἀσύλαιος θεός; also working out geodetics for Daraa (Cradle of the Revolution) and Aleppo [+][+][+].

 • Geodetic Midheaven for Daraa, Syria: Taurus 6°6′22″
 • Geodetic Midheaven for Aleppo, Syria: Taurus 7°10′00″

Late Tuesday, finally checked Cyrene on 11-Sep-2013. Very surprised seeing Cyrene still at Taurus 6° — some of these asteroids really zip around the zodiac. Why was Cyrene hanging around Taurus 6° so long? Cyrene station retrograde at Taurus 6°.

Cyrene's ephemeris for June 2013 to March 2014 shows Cyrene, from Aug-Sep, at Taurus 6° for 39 days straight (4 additional days for the return to retrograde degree = 43 days). Second highest is Aries 23° (38 days) where Cyrene's retrograde zone begins.

This means Syria's gas attack and President Obama's address to the nation concerning Syria both occurred during Cyrene Rx.

Cyrene disambiguation page, doesn't include Simon of Cyrene. Also note: Syrian chemical gas attack and Manning sentencing on the same day: 21-Aug-2013.

Note: Astrologer Robert A. Hughes calculated Capricorn 12°59′24″ for the Washington, D.C. geodetic, but "[d]ue to the minor difference of thirty-six seconds, the thirteenth degree of Capricorn is used…". Asteroid (916) America at Capricorn 13° until 15-Sep-2013.

Geodetic Midheaven for Washington, D.C.: Capricorn 12°59′24″.

America starts retrograde on May 30th @ 14:48UT at Capricorn 26°35′54″℞
• Cyrene enters retrograde zone on 08-Jun-2013 @ 10:35UT at Aries 23°13′26.1724″
• Cyrene at Taurus 0° on 04-Jul-2013 @ 11:26UT
• Cyrene ☌ Daraa MC Geodetic on 10-Aug-2013 @ 08:00UT at Taurus 6°6′22″
• Cyrene ☌ Damascus MC Geodetic on 12-Aug-2013 @ 10:56UT at Taurus 6°17′31″
America ☌ Capricorn 12°59′24″℞ on August 14th @ 04:33UT during retrograde
August 21st: America @ Capricorn 12° & Cyrene @ Taurus 6°
America goes direct at Capricorn 12°18′45″ on August 26th @ 10:43UT
• Cyrene goes retrograde on 28-Aug-2013 @ 23:51UT at Taurus 6°59′23.3683″℞
America ☌ Capricorn 12°59′24″ on September 7th @ 18:05UT (2nd ingress)
• Cyrene ☌ Damascus MC Geodetic on 14-Sep-2013 @ 03:13UT at Taurus 6°17′31″℞
• Cyrene ☌ Daraa MC Geodetic on 16-Sep-2013 @ 04:05UT at Taurus 6°6′22″℞
• Cyrene leaves Taurus 6° on 17-Sep-2013 @ 05:46UT at Taurus 5°59′59″℞
Regulus ☌ asteroid (17612) Whiteknight at Virgo 0° on 18-Sep-2013 at 6:07pm PT
America ends ℞ cycle on October 26th @ 13:13UT at Capricorn 26°35′54″
• Cyrene goes direct on 15-Dec-2013 @ 01:28UT at Aries 23°13′26.1724″
February 7 to February 23, 2014: XXII Olympic Winter Games
• Cyrene at Taurus 0° on 03-Mar-2014 @ 17:40UT
• Cyrene ☌ Daraa MC Geodetic on 04-Mar-2014 @ 02:57UT at Taurus 6°6′22″
• Cyrene ☌ Damascus MC Geodetic on 04-Mar-2014 @ 19:10UT at Taurus 6°17′31″
• Cyrene ℞ return on 07-Mar-2014 @ 07:29UT at Taurus 6°59′23.3683″
• Cyrene at Taurus 7° on 07-Mar-2014 @ 08:21UT
• Cyrene ☌ Aleppo MC Geodetic on 07-Mar-2014 @ 22:37UT at Taurus 7°10′00″
• Cyrene ☌ Moscow MC Geodetic on 09-Mar-2014 @ 12:56UT at Taurus 7°37′00″
• Cyrene ☌ Sochi MC Geodetic on 16-Mar-2014 @ 20:07UT at Taurus 9°43′13″

Chart for the 2014 XXII Olympic Winter Games with asteroid (358) Apollonia (named for the ancient city of Illyria; see Saint Apollonia) at Geodetic Midheaven for Moscow: Taurus 7°37′0″. A bust of an unknown athlete discovered 2010 at Apollonia [+][+][+].

Sabian symbol for Olympiada: Aquarius 11-12° On A Vast Staircase Stand People Of Different Types, Graduated Upward.

Moskva☌Jupiter. (Go USA! Kenya☌ASC!). Vladimir holds the silver and bronze at the Vertex. Standing with Mother Russia and Saturn, Kosmodemyanskaya lifts up her gold toward a shining ray of lucky Moonlight.

Godspeed, Winter Athletes!

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