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(90482) Orcus

Orcus discovered at 24Leo53R; Discovery announced at 26Leo58

90482 Orcus
S/1 90482 (2005) needs your help
Orcus Porcus
Orcus: The other god of the underworld
Astronomy & Astrology of the The Dwarf Planets Pluto & Orcus
Vanth and Orcus. The Astrology of a New Guide Who Will Light the Way

Swiss Ephemeris version 1.79.00

Ingress # Final Ingress Sign Days Years
2 15-Dec-1844 Sagittarius 7295 19.97
2 05-Dec-1864 Capricorn 5833 15.97
2 24-Nov-1880 Aquarius 4752 13.01
3 28-Nov-1893 Pisces 4122 11.29
2 13-Mar-1905 Aries 4760 13.03
2 25-Mar-1918 Taurus 5849 16.01
3 30-Mar-1934 Gemini 7366 20.17
2 30-May-1954 Cancer 9522 26.07
2 24-Jun-1980 Leo 10923 29.91
3 21-May-2010 Virgo 10639 29.13
3 07-Jul-2039 Libra 9581 26.23
2 29-Sep-2065 Scorpio 8770 24.01
3 03-Oct-2089 Sagittarius ? ?

The Historical Ephemeris by Palden Jenkins

Combined articles available here; these articles located here: [+][+][+][+]Uranus-Neptune-Pluto Conjunctions

Events and concrete changes in history and human life often have their beginnings in the ideas, experiments and initiatives of people, before the actual event. Astrology can identify the times when formative ideas and new trends took shape, and thus shaped subsequent history. Human free-will certainly does play an enormous role in historical events, yet it operates within the context of the nature of the times and the quirks or constraints of the 'energy-weather' at any time.

An astrological study of history isn't about 'fate' or determinism in history; instead it reveals an interaction between changing energy-conditions and our human responses to evolving situations. A study of astro-history shows the many ways that this process works. It describes the inner nature of the times, and the threads and tides underlying events.
- - - -
What astrology addresses is the psycho-active ingredient behind history: there are frequently time-delays between the arising of an idea, impulse or image and its manifestation in the ordinary lives of majorities of humans. In other words, the technologies of today such as the motor car and plane were being worked on in backstreet workshops long before they came to the attention of the majority of people.
- - - -
A sense of process — We're looking here at historical trends, undercurrents and threads. Trends take at least decades, if not centuries, to unfold. Therefore, there can often, but not always, be a time-delay between an astrological and an historical event. Also, as astrologers, we're privy to understanding the underlying tides of human thought and feeling. In other words, we're looking at humanity's psychosphere – its body of collective psychological motion and the way it oozes, leaks and expresses itself into the world throughout history. This is psycho-history. This means we can (theoretically, at least) detect the points at which crucial historical thought-processes begin, change and go through their modulations. It also means there can be a time-delay between inner process and noticed event – though events can spark inner processes too.

Palden Jenkins describing planetary synodic cycles: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto take care of the centuries, and Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter take care of the decades – while the inner planets take care of the years, months and weeks, and the Moon handles the days and hours. Neptune-Pluto conjunction is the longest synodic cycle, taking almost 500 years. Last conjunction for Neptune-Pluto (Swetest): 30-Apr-1892 @ 15:41UT [+] at Gemini 7° (three exact conjunctions: 02-Aug-1891, 05-Nov-1891, 30-Apr-1892).

Neptune {03PI39Rx} currently 265°57′30″ from 1892 Nep/Plu conjunction point @ EON-27 (Phase Arc 257° ~ Waning Bi-Septile) Transformation, Conscious Agent, Cosmic Empowerment, Harmonizing § KEYNOTE: The cosmos accepts and protects those dedicated to the path of transformation, empowering them to illuminate the way to a creative new day § DYNAMIC: the all-revealing Light of Wholeness.

How is Orcus interacting with this cycle?

Orcus made first ingress to Pisces on 05-May-1892, six days after the 1892 Neptune-Pluto conjunction (final ingress). Orcus 262° from Neptune-Pluto at EON-27 (Phase Arc 257° ~ Waning Bi-Septile) Transformation, Conscious Agent, Cosmic Empowerment, Harmonizing. All Orcus ingresses to Pisces are in this phase arc.

Currently, Orcus is at Virgo, making three ingresses to that sign: 12-Sep-2008 [+][+][+][+][+][Regulus ☌ Whiteknight], 31-Jul-2009, and 21-May-2010. Orcus and Neptune at opposition by the 2nd ingress, but Neptune was still in Aquarius. The Neptune-in-Pisces and Orcus-in-Virgo opposition began with Neptune's first ingress into Pisces (04-Apr-2011). During the next few years there's more than one exact opposition, with Neptune-Orcus maintaining approximately 2-6° of separation. After 2018, Neptune☍Orcus separation increases beyond 6°.

I'm speculating that when Orcus entered Virgo it was opposite its beginning cycle of Pisces 0° — one of the sub-cycles to the main cycle: the 1892 conjunction of Neptune-Pluto. IOW, Neptune is currently transiting Orcus' 1892 position at Pisces 0°. Additionally, Orcus {00PI00} ☌ Fomalhaut {02PI22} in 1892-93. Currently, Fomalhaut☌Neptune at Pisces 4°, opposite Regulus☌Orcus in Virgo. Pluto△Orcus and sextile Neptune. Where does Orcus fit in the cosmic timepiece?

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