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Before going to LA on Monday pulled Transition card from mini Connolly tarot deck. Some notes on:

Chart for 31-Aug-2013 @ 03:47UT

Sun ☌ Regulus at Virgo 0° on 22-Aug-2013 @ 23:27UT • Mars ☌ Bradley at Leo 29° on 15-Oct-2013 @ 01:23UT — Note: Those fall on the Leo-Virgo cusp.

On this chart: Sun ☌ Patientia at Virgo 7°, 0°4′10″ apart (separating; exact conjunction occurred on 31-Aug-2013 @ 00:54UT) • Asteroid (916) America {12CP25} in tight conjunction with Geodetic Midheaven for Washington, DC: Capricorn 12°59′24″ • Asteroid (370) Modestia ☌ Geodetic Midheaven for San Francisco: Scorpio 27°35′00″ — this chart's location representing headquarters for Wikipedia Foundation • Mars {01Le58} is 3°45′31″ from Asteroid (274301) Wikipedia {05Le43}, which is 1°39′59″ from Asteroid (2383) Bradley {07Le23}.

As far as Bradley is concerned, some interesting conjunctions to note: 08-Dec-2009: Asteroid (916) America ☌ Geodetic MC for Washington, DC: Capricorn 12°59′24″ @ 04:33UT / From Article 32 hearing: Classified docs accessed • 27-May-2010: Arrest at FOB Hammer / House approves Murphy Amendment14-Aug-2013: Asteroid (916) America ☌ Capricorn 12°59′24″Rx @ 04:33UT / Sentencing Phase: Apology for past actions.

There's an upcoming conjunction with asteroid (916) America with Washington, D.C. geodetic on 07-Sep-13 [+][+][+]

Asteroids (652) Jubilatrix {06Ta49} and (133) Cyrene {06Ta59Rx} ☌ Geodetic Midheaven for Damascus, Syria: Taurus 6°17′31″ [note also (42) Isis and (344) Desiderata at Taurus 4°]: [1] 2013-60=1953: Miss Syria 1953, CIA & 1953 Iran Coup [+][+][+]; [2] A History of Roman Religion, pp. 255–266, specifically p. 259, “Cyrene means” {and: δαμόσιον ιεϱόν}.

Frank Kameny [+][+][+][+][+][+] died 11-Oct-2011 (DADT repeal went into effect 20-Sep-2011) and asteroid (40463) Frankkameny named in Kameny's honor on 03-Jul-2012 (PDF). On 30-Oct-2012, Frankkameny {25SG04} ☌ Geodetic Midheaven for USP Leavenworth: Sagittarius 25°3′51″ (1°58′ from Galactic Center). Frankkameny also 0°25′55″ from Narcissus. Sun at Scorpio 8° on this chart, conjunct Saturn Scorpio 3°, Poseidon Scorpio 10°, Chelseavoss Scorpio 11° — all except Saturn opposite Wikipedia. Chelsealynn ☍ Pluto/Part of Fortune. Manning ☌ Orcus.

Jupiter direct on 15-Dec-1987 @ 12:22UT. 17-Dec-1987: Asteroids (25425) Chelsealynn and (27258) Chelseavoss in opposition — Narcissus looking at reflection? Bradley ☌ Narcissus at 11:55UT; prior to exact conjunction, Bradley behind Narcissus, after conjunction Bradley moves ahead of Narcissus.

Approximately 5°-6° degrees between Frankkameny/Kansas in Virgo during Dec 17th. Depending on time of day: Chiron/Oklahoma opposite Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus; and Admetos/Crescentia opposite Moon, Mars, Pluto, Bradley, Narcissus. Dec 17th Balsamic Moon ranges from Scorpio 8°–22°. Narcissus/Bradley either at Scorpio 13° or 14°. Narcissus reaches Scorpio 14° at 08:01UT (Moon Scorpio 9°), Bradley at 11:12UT (Moon Scorpio 11°). — three hour gap when Narcissus and Bradley are at different degrees in Scorpio.

When Moon reaches Scorpio 14° at 15:51UT, Narcissus-Bradley both at Scorpio 14°. Those two remain at Scorpio 14° when Moon ☌ Cupido at Scorpio 17° at 21:28UT. Admetos-Cupido are in opposition, and at 21:28UT (if not earlier), they're both squaring Wikipedia/Chelsealynn (they're about 8° apart). Wikipedia ☌ Orcus on this chart. Uranian keywords &c, here & here (Brummund: "manifestation is more psychological" for Moon-Cupido).

17-Dec-1987 Chart, Listing — I think The Oxford Astrologer nails this one: Nemesis {18VI21} [+][+][+], Kansas {22VI58}, Prometheus {25VI15}, Zeus {25VI44}, Frankkameny {28VI12}, Descending Node {28VI14}. Note: Fides {13CP06} (Roman goddess of faith, oaths and honesty), representing Washington DC geodetic is opposite Australia {13CN45Rx}. Bradly-Manning-Australia are Trine. Fides {13CP06} ☌ Klotho {13CP07} (One of the Fates: presides over birth and spins destinies) and Andromache ("battle of a man").

Searching Dictionary of Minor Planets for citation, it notes that: Fides was the final asteroid to receive a special symbol (a cross); see: (1303) Luthera {12AQ52}. Additionally: (6475) Refugium {25PI09}, "The name is Latin for a refuge, such as might come from examining the prime factors of (6475): (5) Astraea, goddess of justice; (7) Iris, the rainbow; and (37) Fides, goddess of faith and honesty."

{lots to look at here:} Iris {17AQ49} ☌ Pales {17AQ47}. Pales is "both male and female" [+]; see note 29: "three ancient authors who identify the gender of Pales as male. Servius (Georgics 3.1)… both a male and a female Pales (see, for example, the comments of Rose 1960:163)." Pluto {11SC35} ☌ Susanrose {10SC16} (mother named "Susan"). Jupiter {19AR46} ☌ Servius {24LI15} (Servius squares Susan and Wikipedia on Frankkameny chart).

  • Vesta {08LE29Rx}, Orcus {09LE19Rx}, Liberatrix {09LE30Rx}, Wikipedia {10LE42Rx}, Chicago {10LE52Rx}
  • Chelsealynn {18LE19Rx}, Chimaera {20LE37}
  • Varuna {23GE31Rx}, Oscarwilde {24GE18Rx}, Chiron {26GE02Rx}, Oklahoma {27GE45Rx}
  • Susanrose {10SC16}, Pluto {11SC35}, Narcissus {14SC03}, Bradley {14SC09}, Moon {15SC13}, Mars {15SC30}, Cupido {17SC11}
  • Astraea {01SG31}, Appella {01SG20} (Traité de Mécanique Rationnelle), Honoria {03SG26} (goddess personifying honor)
  • Mercury {22SG08}, Saturn {23SG47}, Felicitas {24SG52}, Tolerantia {25SG01}, Hong Kong {25SG06}, Sun {25SG15}, Crikey {25SG30}, Traversa {26SG16}, Galactic Center {26SG41}, Uranus {26SG48}
  • Bruna {12CP50}, Fides {13CP06}, Klotho {13CP07}
  • Medusa {27AQ33}, Chelseavoss {27AQ51}
  • Manning {11PI19}, Aphrodite {11PI32}
  • Refugium {25PI09}, Andromache {25PI58}, Veritas {27PI07}, True Node {28PI14Rx}
  • Qwerty ☌ Antares {09SG35}, Mercury {22SG08}, Saturn {23SG47}; ☍ Aldebaran; trining Wikipedia/Orcus, squaring both Nodes

Here's the hexagon:

Need to highlight this: On the 30-Oct-2012 chart: Frankkameny Narcissus at Geodetic Midheaven for USP Leavenworth: Sagittarius 25°3′51″ (Leavenworth is 25 miles north of Kansas City, Kansas; asteroid (3124) Kansas {27CP58}, on this chart, is on the Descendant).

On the 17-Dec-1987 chart: Frankkameny {28VI12}, at noon, is also on the Descendant ☌ South Node (but with unknown chart times all personal points are hypothetical). However, Frankkameny is 86°51′49″ from Leavenworth geodetic (that's a square, so expect some tension here), and 5°13′56″ from Kansas {22VI58}. Tolerantia {25SG01} is 0°2′39″, and Sun {25SG15} is 0°11′33″ from Leavenworth geodetic {25SG04}. Crikey {25SG30} 0°15′2″ from Sun {25SG15}.

What's powerful, I think, about the Frankkameny chart is Sun Chelseavoss ☍ Wikipedia, and Orcus ☌ Manning. On the 17-Dec-1987 chart: Wikipedia {10LE42Rx} 1°23′19″ from Orcus {09LE19Rx}.

Blackfish premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2013 (trailer), going to selected theater release on 19-Jul-2013. United States v. Manning court-martial began 03-Jun-2013, ending 21-Aug-2013. Most of us are familiar with the dorsal fin of sharks, from Jaws, but, at six feet, the male Orca (Killer whale) has the tallest dorsal fin in the animal kingdom. Dorsal Fin Collapse occurs often with Orcas in captivity, not so much in the wild.

(90482) Orcus

Orcus, the "punisher of broken oaths". Note on this table, Orcus enters Virgo on 21-May-2010 (1st ingress: 12-Sep-2008; 2nd ingress: 31-Jul-2009). See Wikileaks Chats [+][+][+]: Manning's first contact with Lamo on May 20, 2010. (Manning's at Fort Drum on 18-Sep-2008; command referred to mental health on 30-Jun-2009) [+]. Ellsberg stationed at Quantico in 1954 (leaving Harvard for Marine Corps). Mannings moved back to U.S. in 1979. Soviets invade Afghanistan in 1979; 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics boycott. Tim's first period at CERN started on 23 June 1980.

Iran hostage crisis started 04-Nov-1979 to 20-Jan-1981. Moscow Summer Olympics started 19-Jul-1980 to 03-Aug-1980. Reagan elected for first term 04-Nov-1980, inauguration 20-Jan-1981. Intervention in Afghanistan and the Fall of Detente: A Chronology (PDF), 24-Jun-1980: [Edmund] Muskie concedes that, in light of the Soviet presence in Afghanistan and Senate hostility to SALT II, prospects for further arms control are "diminished". Next day, U.S. presents proposal to Soviets: "decent and constructive" resolution of the Afghanistan crisis.

Thirty-three years later, with growing global concerns of Russia's anti-gay laws — calls for another boycott. The wheel turns, this time it's the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia beginning 07-Feb-2014 (Aldebaran, third Royal Star changing to 21st century position, occurs 03-Oct-2014). Orcus entered Leo on 24-Jun-1980, and history echoes here. La Volasfera degree for Manning's natal Echo {06LI44} is a naked man falling from a rock into a lake. Chiron ☌ Oscarwilde, and googling sentencing credits, I found: Giving Service Members the Credit They Deserve: A Review of Sentencing Credit and Its Application (PDF; 1999).

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