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Neptune's retrograde zones usually overlap, but i'm thinking (see SuperMoon & "Neptune looms large over June", summer solstice) it might be a good idea to track both 2013 & 2014 Neptune ℞ cycles (focus: Pisces 5°). Neptune's 2013 retrograde zone (red): Pisces 2° to Pisces 5° (14-Feb-2103 to 04-Mar-2014). Neptune went retrograde on 07-Jun-2013 prior to Gemini Full Moon. Neptune's 2014 retrograde zone (blue): Pisces 4° to Pisces 7° (17-Feb-2014 to 06-Mar-2015). Neptune's retrograde cycles have been in Aquarius from 1998 to 2010 in the month of May. Neptune's 2019 retrograde cycle begins at 14:36UT (Neptune Pisces 18-19° A Master Instructing His Disciple) on Summer Solstice (21-June-19 @ 15:54UT).

Date Time Degree Declination
14-Feb-2013 19:23 UT 02Pi35′   11°07′23.2466″S
21-Apr-2013 19:15 UT 04PI48′   10°20′11.2201″S
01-May-2013 00:34 UT 05Pi00′   10°16′00.5143″S
07-Jun-2013 08:25 UT 05Pi22′ 10°08′51.7627″S
15-Jul-2013 14:40 UT 05Pi00′ 10°18′09.8356″S
25-Jul-2013 11:58 UT 04Pi48′ 10°22′48.7023″S
13-Nov-2013 18:42 UT 02Pi35′ D 11°11′22.7499″S
17-Feb-2014 06:05 UT 04Pi48′   10°22′28.2789″S
22-Feb-2014 13:29 UT 05Pi00′   10°18′05.5202″S
04-Mar-2014 10:22 UT 05Pi22′   10°09′57.3291″S
09-Jun-2014 19:49 UT 07Pi36′ 09°23′03.9746″S
30-Sep-2014 02:01 UT 05Pi22′ 10°14′22.3714″S
20-Oct-2014 03:42 UT 05Pi00′ 10°22′28.4053″S
16-Nov-2014 07:05 UT 04Pi48′ D 10°26′33.1771″S
12-Dec-2014 18:19 UT 05Pi00′   10°21′45.0267″S
31-Dec-2014 13:55 UT 05Pi22′   10°13′17.3077″S
06-Mar-2015 22:27 UT 07Pi36′   09°23′59.1495″S

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