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Gemini New Moon calendar (transits & phases)

combined sextile transits and moon phase dates. Summer Solstice (when Sun enters Cancer) occurs during Gemini New Moon Cycle in Gibbous phase on 21-Jun-2013 @ 05:04UT.

Swiss Ephemeris v1.79.00

Phase/Sextie Date/UTC Pacific Time Moon Sign
New Moon 08-June, 15:56 UT 8:56am PDT Gemini 18°
Moon☌Venus 10-June, 06:05 UT 11:05pm (09-June) Cancer 6°
Crescent Moon 12-June, 16:41 UT 9:41am PDT Leo 5°
Moon☌Cybele 15-June, 04:22 UT 9:22pm PDT (14-June) Virgo 6°
First Quarter 16-June, 17:23 UT 10:23am PDT Virgo 25°
Moon☌Saturn 19-June, 16:02 UT 9:02am PDT Scorpio 5°
Gibbous Moon 20-June, 02:29 UT 7:29pm PDT (19-June) Scorpio 11°
Summer Solstice 21-June, 05:04 UT 10:04pm PDT (20-June) Scorpio 27°
SuperMoon* 23-June, 11:12 UT 4:12am PDT Capricorn 1°
Full Moon 23-June, 11:32 UT 4:33am PDT Capricorn 2°
Moon☌Pluto 24-June, 01:11 UT 6:11pm PDT (23-June) Capricorn 10°
Disseminating Moon 26-June, 20:14 UT 1:14pm PDT Aquarius 22°
Moon☌Neptune 27-June, 17:39 UT 10:39am PDT Pisces 5°
Last Quarter 30-June, 04:53 UT 9:53pm PDT (29-June) Aries 8°
Moon☌Oceana 02-July, 08:37 UT 01:37am PDT Taurus 5°
Balsamic Moon 04-July, 06:05 UT 11:05pm PDT (03-July) Taurus 28°
June New Moon return 05-July, 21:52 UT 02:52pm PDT Gemini 18°
Moon enters Cancer 06-July, 22:14 UT 03:14pm PDT Cancer 0°
Cancer New Moon 08-July, 07:14 UT 00:14am PDT Cancer 16°

* SuperMoon ☌ Priapus (Interpolated Lunar Perigee), declinations exact [+][+][+].


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