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how to find you birth moon phase

especially if you want to work your birth moon with the current Gemini New Moon (2013 Moon Phases). note: keep in mind the EON Phases are lunar-based.

my natal moon is Moon ♓ 10°44'. Neptune rules Pisces & on the Gemini New Moon chart, Neptune is ♓ 5°22'℞ and, surprise, it just went retrograde on 07-Jun-2013 @ 08:24:54UT. and, Neptune just entered Pisces, its modern ruling sign, February 2012. last time Neptune was in Pisces was 1848 (it was discovered in Aquarius on September 23, 1846). California Gold Rush began when gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in 1848. Pisces New Moon occurred March 11th (Pisces 21-22° A Prophet Carrying Tablets Of The New Law Is Walking Down The Slopes Of Mount Sinai ("The Keyword MANDATE is appropriate; but the basic problem is how to fulfill it in the right spirit"). Neptune returns to ♓ 5°22' on March 2014, and retrogrades again reaching the same degree (September 2014) & return (December 2014).

Lynn Koiner notes "a delusional hit" on 7-8 June when Neptune squares Mars at its Station: "people are inclined to be unrealistic, idealistic and self-deluding. It is important for us to be very grounded and realistic during these periods".

ok! you probably know what sun sign you are, but knowing your moon sign and phase can also be helpful. one of the easiest ways (and it's relatively accurate, my moon is only off by 9 seconds) is iFate that displays absolute planetary positions. however, since iFate's Moon Phase search only calculates the 4 main moon phases (New, First, Full, Third) & not the sub-phases (Crescent, Gibbous, Disseminating, Balsamic), use Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day for precise moon phase. mine indicates waning gibbous with 55% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated. waxing = moon getting larger, waning = smaller. waning gibbous = disseminating.

another way to figure out your birth moon, and it's probably more accurate, is at MyAstro. another benefit with this method is that you'll get your UTC birth time and longitude/latitude of your birth location. that info can then be entered here to get an asteroid listing matching your chart.

create a chart as Guest or Register (these instructions are for Guest):

{1} Create a horoscope immediately, as a Guest User.

{2} enter birth data. if you're not sure of your birth time use midnight or noon.

{3} clicking continue button displays Horoscope selections.

{4} scroll down and select: Extended Chart Selection.

{5} Chart drawing style: Astrodienst with Asteroids.

{6} Image size: landscape, if possible

{7} Additional objects: Part of Fortune, Vertex; always use True Node; add some fixed stars.

{8} Additional asteroids, fixed stars, and other objects: add any that you think might help, like your name &c. note: Asteroid name/number list with 17224 names is HUGE, select asteroids first before you start. (ignore selection boxes if you're doing this separately, copy asteroid number/name & enter #s manually [222,3335,555]).

{9} Click here to show the chart. if you want to explore your chart use Astro Click Portrait, but it doesn't display precise locations.

{10} make sure to save the image and the PDF (View the additional tables).

{11} chart displays box: locate your moon (mine is ☽ Moon ♓ 10° 44' 17" -- Pisces Moon). if you see Dom. or Fall &c.

that doesn't tell you your moon phase. however, subtracting moon from sun to get the percentage will. i use an Excel worksheet to calculate & my moon is 263°22'17" from my sun - disseminating moon phase. you can enter your natal sun/moon longitudes here: Decimal to Minutes-Seconds Converter. Latitude: i entered my sun position in the deg min sec boxes [17][21][59] & moon in Longitude: [10][44][17] & clicked <=Minutes-Seconds To Decimal. sun = 17.3664 | moon = 10.7381.

google calculator: (30-17.3664)+(30*8)+10.7381 --- returns 263.3717


each sign is equal to 30°. if the sun & moon are in the same sign, but the moon is behind the sun (example: Sun 10° Gemini, Moon 5° Gemini) then the Moon's probably in the Balsamic phase. New Moon = both the sun and moon are in the same sign at the same degree. (30-sun) subtracts that part of the sign that is behind the sun (that's the moon bit).

(30*signs) w/o counting the sun or moon sign, counting counter-clockwise, how many signs separate sun/moon.

moon location of the moon in its sign, still behind the sun.

enter decimal in Longitude: (or, Latitude:, don't think it matters) & hit Decimal To Minutes-Seconds=> to calcuate DMS: 263°22'18".

once you figure out the difference between your sun/moon, see if this table helps (here and here might help too).

dates & times here (Time Zone = 0) & here; Fraction of the Moon Illuminated (Midnight, UT):

Phase Soli-Lunar Arc Illuminated June 2013
New Moon 0°-45° 0% June 8, 15:56 UT
Crescent Moon 45°-90° 10% June 12, 16:41 UT*
First Quarter 90°-135° 50% June 16, 17:24 UT
Gibbous Moon 135°-180° 83% June 20, 02:29 UT
Full Moon 180°-225° 100% June 23, 11:32 UT
Disseminating Moon 225° - 270° 90% June 26, 20:14 UT
Last Quarter 270° - 315° 50% June 30, 04:53 UT
Balsamic Moon 315° - 360° 16% July 4, 06:05 UT

*10-Jun-2013 Crescent Moon sighting.

hopefully, you figured out your moon phase and the table indicates where it falls on the Gemini New Moon cycle. as a Disseminating Moon, i'd check from the Full Moon (June 23) to the Last Quarter (June 30).

i've worked on this thing so long i need to hit "publish"! after making some coffee i may include final Neptune thoughts.


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