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…for, after all, the philistine is not accustomed to this sort of abstract thought and certainly will not cudgel his brains for the sake of the form of value. Marx and Engels Collected Works, 1987, vol. 42, p.381

It is a withdrawal of affect from the world, in order to experience “the eerie bliss and torture of solitude” and so discover the forces at war within oneself.

No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

On Nick Land's account, of course, posthuman cannot produce value: but this needs to be argued for (or against). This question is addressed in the final section. Marx and the Future of the Human [note: The analysis of the commodity has shown that it is a doublet… what the proletariat overturns to instantiate a communist political economy. {who forges what, who wields what? who is already "an appendage of the machine"?} bourgeois political economy & economists are unable to understand the dual character of labour. isn't this the precise location where exploitation occurs?]

the sacred ark which contains the “window” called the tzohar, that the aggadah tells us is a special glowing ruby carbuncle that lit the ark within its darkness.


And herein is the mutual formula in all things, of a spirit and of a body, seeing that each supplies unto each that wherein the other is lacking, yet herein also must there be a certain condition, otherwise the harmony will not be perfect. For unless the body be refined in nature, it will hinder the action of a spirit cognate unto it. And unless the spirit be willing to ally itself unto the body, the latter will be injured thereby and each will mutually react on the other.

The quantity of value of a commodity varies directly as the quantum, and inversely as the productive power of the labour embodying itself in the commodity. ¶ Now we know the substance of value. It is labour. We know its unit of measurement. It is labour-time. We have yet to analyse its form, which precisely stamps the value as an exchange-value. Before we do that we must develop the determinations which have already been discovered in somewhat greater detail. Ch. 1 as per First German Edition


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