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combining two things here: {1} English (or maybe, the various) Editions of Capital, & {2} the use of “Quantum” in Chapter One. may expand on these later. [T]=Google Translate.

{1} basically, “problematic” English translations of “Das Kapital” (but Fowkes' translation probably “best”). don't think i would've caught this (or been concerned), but note: [A] & compare MEW-Band 23 (footnote); 1867 German Edition (inline): Internet Archive & MEGAdigital II/5, Seite 21 (lines 28-34).


MEW [T] (MEW-Band 23-25: Capital I-III {4th German Edition?}) • MEGA [T] (MEGAdigital II/5: “Das Kapital”, 1. Band, Druckfassung 1867, Seite 17) • Capital, 1867 German Edition at Internet Archive • The 'Unknown' Marx's Capital, Volume I: The French Edition of 1872–75, 100 Years Later (PDF), by Kevin Anderson (in, Karl Marx's Economics: Critical Assessments, Edited by John Cunningham Wood, pp. 223-234).

{2} Definition: Quantum (seeing Max Planck helped), also this:

Newton's physics became the paradigm for all intellectual endeavours. Analogies with physics were big and bold. Auguste Comte, inventing the term "sociology," referred to it as "social physics," in which people were "social atoms" motivated by forces. The study of society had never previously been regarded as scientific.

Pushing the analogy with Newtonian physics, Adam Smith argued for laissez-faire capitalism by claiming that if people were allowed to pursue their own interests, an "invisible hand," a fundamental law of political economy, would regulate society for the general good.

Analogies are flexible. Karl Marx felt that he, not Adam Smith, had discovered the correct law. Marx claimed to "lay bare the economic law of motion." With that law he predicted the communist future. By analogy with a mechanical system, he merely needed to know the initial condition, which, he thought, was the capitalism of his day. Thus, Marx's major work, Das Kapital, is a study of capitalism. {Quantum Enigma, Bruce Rosenblum & Fred Kuttner}

this also brought up Quantum mechanics and dialectical materialism, by Pete Mason; papers by K.K. Theckedath (see: The Cloister's Pale: A Biography Of The University Of Mumbai) & (responding to Theckedath) T. Jayaraman in Social Scientist:

[thought this LJ would be quick&easy, but noticed AQ-6988 (MEGA) Die Werthgröße einer Waare wechselt also direkt wie das Quantum… [how do you say, yaddayadda in german?] wasn't in my wordlist — matches: Bennett, Crowley & the fungi from Yuggoth The value of a commodity, therefore, varies… & VALIS. Yuggoth matches AQ-6924 (MEW) Die Wertgröße einer Ware wechselt also direkt wie das Quantum…]

AQ 6988

Die Werthgröße einer Waare wechselt also direkt wie das Quantum und umgekehrt wie die Produktivkraft der sich in ihr verwirklichenden Arbeit. ¶ Wir kennen jetzt die Substanz des Werths. Es ist die Arbeit. Wir kennen sein Größenmaß. Es ist die Arbeitszeit. Seine Form, die den Werth eben zum Tausch-Werth stempelt, bleibt zu analysiren. Vorher jedoch sind die bereits gefundenen Bestimmungen etwas näher zu entwickeln. (MEGAdigital, II/5: "Das Kapital", 1. Band, Druckfassung 1867, Seite 21 (lines 28-34)).

The value of a commodity, therefore, varies directly as the quantity, and inversely as the productiveness, of the labour incorporated in it.* «Now we know the substance of value. It is labour. We know the measure of its magnitude. It is labour time. The form, which stamps value as exchange-value, remains to be analysed. But before this we need to develop the characteristics we have already found somewhat more fully.»

* Fowkes has: The value of a commodity, therefore, varies directly as the quantity, and inversely as the productivity, of the labour which finds its realization within the commodity. with «» = AQ-7520, matching 2013 Atlas V launch.


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