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Chapter One is a bitch

first line of Das Kapital


Der Reichtum der Gesellschaften, in welchen kapitalistische Produktionsweise herrscht, erscheint als eine „ungeheure Warensammlung“¹, die einzelne Ware als seine Elementarform.

We are a nation with no geographic boundaries, bound together through our beliefs. We are like-minded individuals, sharing a common vision, pushing toward a world rid of color-lines.

full gematria roundup (including 1): Oracle of Delphi, Great Lemurs†, Acts of Ahab, Developing Energetic Body‡, Lovecraft Scenario†, Pisces-Gemini Axis‡. • [‡Touring the Earth Tablet]


Der Reichthum der Gesellschaften, in welchen kapitalistische Produktionsweise herrscht, erscheint als eine „ungeheure Waarensammlung"¹), die einzelne Waare als seine Elementarform.

We can start with our computational environment as a world-wide "every person" communications network with suitable physical input and output effectors for all users.


The wealth of societies in which a capitalistic mode of production prevails, appears as a 'gigantic collection of commodities' and the singular commodity appears as the elementary form of wealth.

ορνις τα νοσσια εαυτης υπο τας πτερυγας.

AQ-1937 [marx gematria dump, chapter one.]

Use-value is the immediate physical entity in which a definite economic relationship - exchange-value - is expressed.

The Virgin is [הו] receiving & interpreting & also expressing it intellectually & impressing that idea upon the Coin.


Thus the virgin of the sign of the virgin becomes the holy mother in the opposite sign, Pisces, and the scatterbrained son becomes the one-pointed Archer in Gemini and its opposite.

Der Reichtum der Gesellschaften, in welchen kapitalistische Produktionsweise herrscht, erscheint als eine „ungeheure Warensammlung“1, die einzelne Ware als seine Elementarform.

Now the rest of the acts of Ahab, and all that he did, and the ivory house which he made, and all the cities that he built, are they not written in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Israel?

The closer we get, the more maladapted monkey panic locks in, the more stupid we get, the more horrible the crash is going to be. Weirdly close to a Lovecraft scenario, come to think of it.


Die Wertgröße einer Ware wechselt also direkt wie das Quantum und umgekehrt wie die Produktivkraft der sich in ihr verwirklichenden Arbeit. «1. Auflage folgt: Wir kennen jetzt die Substanz des Werts. Es ist die Arbeit. Wir kennen sein Größenmaß. Es ist die Arbeitszeit. Seine Form, die den Wert eben zum Tausch-Wert stempelt, bleibt zu analysieren. Vorher jedoch sind die bereits gefundenen Bestimmungen etwas näher zu entwickeln.»

A decision can only come to pass beyond the calculable program that would destroy all responsibility by transforming it into a programmable effect of determined causes. There can be no moral or political responsibility without this trial and this passage by way of the undecidable. Even if a decision seems to take only a second and not to be preceded by any deliberation, it is structured by this experience of the undecidable.

All of Alara's shards have a soft spot in my heart for various reasons, but Jund might just be my favorite. In the midst of all its viciousness, it is pure. In its hunger, it is unrefined. Sure, it'd be a horrible place to vacation. You never, ever relax on Jund. But in a way, it's the most user-friendly of Alara's fragments. It's dead simple to understand. The Jund user's manual is one sentence. What's the rule? The strong survive.

And so All, and especially those who have a name in the more profound investigations of philosophy and wisdom, will be forced to acknowledge it [an] exceedingly rare [event] that (for the everlasting memory of men) this [work] be sealed with my London seal of Hermes, so that in it there may be not even one superfluous dot, and that not one dot may be wanting [in it] to signify those things which we have said (and things far greater yet).

AQ 7532

The value of a commodity, therefore, varies directly as the quantity, and inversely as the productiveness, of the labour incorporated in it. «Now we know the substance of value. It is labour. We know its unit of measurement. It is labour-time. We have yet to analyse its form, which precisely stamps the value as an exchange-value. Before we do that we must develop the determinations which have already been discovered in somewhat greater detail»

εν αποριαις κηδομενος ινα μη δυη υπο χειμασθεις ταραχης αυτου οντα διαλυθεις εις τον απειρον.


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