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paradigmatic interlude

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Manifesto has col­lapsing eco­nomic paradigms, paradig­matic accel­er­a­tion­ist thinkers & a pro­duc­tion paradigm epitomizing Capital's "Golden Era" = Ford­ism.

just found another one: The paradigmatic power of sexual selection — basically, Bateman studied fruit flies concluding “there is nearly always a combination of an undiscriminating eagerness in the males and a discriminating passivity in the females”. basically, Endless Sperm vs. Peak Ovum. it took 64 years (1948 to 2012) to discover Bateman's study is flawed.

Yet shaking the bedrock of the Bateman paradigm may help the field examine new perspectives.

"Paradigms are like glue, they constrain what you can see," she said. "It's like being stuck in sludge - it's hard to lift your foot out and take a step in a new direction." {source}

The Problem with Paradigms: Bateman's Worldview as a Case Study

austerity juxtaposition


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