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Accelerationist Politics: 02. INTEREGNUM: On Accelerationisms


We may be mov­ing fast, but only within a strictly defined set of cap­it­al­ist para­met­ers that them­selves never waver. We exper­i­ence only the increas­ing speed of a local hori­zon, a simple brain-dead onrush rather than an accel­er­a­tion which is also nav­ig­a­tional, an exper­i­mental pro­cess of dis­cov­ery within a uni­ver­sal space of pos­sib­il­ity.

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[[■]] The story goes like this: Earth is captured by a technocapital singularity as renaissance rationalitization and oceanic navigation lock into commoditization take-off. Logistically accelerating techno-economic interactivity crumbles social order in auto-sophisticating machine runaway. As markets learn to manufacture intelligence, politics modernizes, upgrades paranoia, and tries to get a grip. —Nick Land, Meltdown [If, in reading this, you cannot see that Fat is writing about himself, then you understand nothing]

You cannot say that an encounter with God is to mental illness what death is to cancer: the logical outcome of a deteriorating illness process. The technical term—theological technical term, not psychiatric—is theophany. A theophany consists of a self-disclosure by the divine. It does not consist of something the percipient does; it consists of something the divine—the God or gods, the high power—does. —Philip K. Dick, VALIS

contrast full VALIS paragraph (34–35) with Blake's Annotations to Watson's "Apology for The Bible":


Nothing can be more contemptible than to suppose Public RECORDS to be True. Read them & Judge, if you are not a Fool. Of what consequence is it whether Moses wrote the Pentateuch or no? If Paine trifles with some of his objections it is folly to confute him so seriously in them & leave his more material ones unanswered. Public Records! As if Public Records were True! Impossible; for the facts are such as none but the actor could tell. If it is True, Moses & none but he could write it, unless we allow it to be Poetry & that poetry inspired. If historical facts can be written by inspiration, Milton's Paradise Lost is as true as Genesis or Exodus; but the Evidence is nothing, for how can he who writes what he has neither seen nor heard of be an Evidence of The Truth of his history?

Selbst historisch hat die theoretische Emanzipation eine spezifisch praktische Bedeutung für Deutschland. Deutschlands revolutionäre Vergangenheit ist nämlich theoretisch, es ist die Reformation. Wie damals der Mönch, so ist es jetzt der Philosoph, in dessen Hirn die Revolution beginnt. Luther hat allerdings die Knechtschaft aus Devotion besiegt, weil er die Knechtschaft aus Überzeugung an ihre Stelle gesetzt hat. Er hat den Glauben an die Autorität gebrochen, weil er die Autorität des Glaubens restauriert hat. Er hat die Pfaffen in Laien verwandelt, weil er die Laien in Pfaffen verwandelt hat. Er hat den Menschen von der äußern Religiosität befreit, weil er die Religiosität zum innern Menschen gemacht hat. Er hat den Leib von der Kette emanzipiert, weil er das Herz in Ketten gelegt. —go-to guy


Even historically, theoretical emancipation has specific practical significance for Germany. For Germany's revolutionary past is theoretical, it is the Reformation. As the revolution then began in the brain of the monk, so now it begins in the brain of the philosopher. Luther, we grant, overcame bondage out of devotion by replacing it by bondage out of conviction. He shattered faith in authority because he restored the authority of faith. He turned priests into laymen because he turned laymen into priests. He freed man from outer religiosity because he made religiosity the inner man. He freed the body from chains because he enchained the heart. —Karl Marx, "Introduction", Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right

Touring the Earth Tablet — Did a general invocation, and an invocation of earth, followed by the calls and the names for this square "r" of the Earthy Lesser Angle of the Earth Tablet. The pyramid appeared around me, with all the sides black, with the enochian sigil of earth and the sign of Taurus on each side. I did the sign of Set, and called upon the Goddess Nepthys to appear. She did so, giving the Sign of Set, and the signs of 5=6 and LVX in response to my salute. I tested her with the pentagrams and letters, which had no effect on her. She said:

Think of yourself as the spirit, and the earth-spirit as the matter of the work, and take your will upon her. For the earth requires a strong master in order to best reveal her secrets to men. Without strength, then does the earth's inertia overcome the power of the magician, and make him to be as the wind blowing about the earth without penetration. Thus you will treat the earth with the severe discipline of the master in your dealings of magick within her sphere. This is the way of the earth, that she is passive to the will of the magician, and does nothing of her own accord. Yet does she follow him willingly when the right force is applied.

seven points describing different forms of Accelerationism (Marxist, Neoliberal, Landian) contrasted with AQ-5758—"[the] mode of accel­er­ation which we hold as essential". first, the essen­tial meta­bol­ism of cap­it­al­ism is accel­er­a­tion, recognized by Marx & Lenin; second, neoliberal accelerationism "was in fact a merely con­tin­gent means to ward off the crisis of value that emerged in the 1970s [aka, Reagan/Thatcher]… a sub­lim­a­tion of the crisis rather than its ulti­mate overcoming" [see Hirsch/Roth: The crisis which broke out in the 1970s also signified the end of the Keynesian-corporative welfare state and the emergence of a 'secular' crisis of capitalism]; third, Landian accelerationism is neo­lib­er­al­ism on steroids. essentially, the Interegnum points out that the Manifesto strictly focuses on the first two forms of accelerationism.

marx engels the acceleration of capital

right out the gate: All that is solid melts into air & hegemony of speed. the writers at that link [Landscapes of Capital: Representing Time, Space, & Globalization in Corporate Advertising] also wrote: Sign Wars & Nike Culture: the Sign of the Swoosh. the full sentence, from Marx-Engels, precisely describes how i felt reading the Introduction, but didn't know how to put into words:

All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned, and man is at last compelled to face with sober senses, his real conditions of life, and his relations with his kind. —Communist Manifesto

from Capital, this stands out:

The credit system appears as the main lever of over-production and over-speculation in commerce solely because the reproduction process, which is elastic by nature, is here forced to its extreme limits, and is so forced because a large part of the social capital is employed by people who do not own it and who consequently tackle things quite differently than the owner, who anxiously weighs the limitations of his private capital in so far as he handles it himself. This simply demonstrates the fact that the self-expansion of capital based on the contradictory nature of capitalist production permits an actual free development only up to a certain point, so that in fact it constitutes an immanent fetter and barrier to production, which are continually broken through by the credit system.[4] Hence, the credit system accelerates the material development of the productive forces and the establishment of the world-market. It is the historical mission of the capitalist system of production to raise these material foundations of the new mode of production to a certain degree of perfection. At the same time credit accelerates the violent eruptions of this contradiction — crises — and thereby the elements of disintegration of the old mode of production.Capital Vol. III Part V, Chapter 27. The Role of Credit in Capitalist Production

more about the role of Credit & the Crisis of Capitalism. so, "credit accelerates the velocity of the metamorphoses" [example: background for neo-liberalism; note Austerity is one of the reform programs.]

the main critique against Landianism is speed, which means: not only the amount of cycles but their duration. (Klein's The Shock Doctine describes this phenomena; aka, creative-destruction). the Manifesto creates a scission between those forms of accelerationism (fundamentally neoliberalism on steroids) and a type of politics capable of turning "accelerationism" into a verb and not a noun. [if you're an Obamabot, you pretty much know how that works already.]

in another sense, neoliberalism—in all its forms—is also not dialectical (see here & here), but an Accelerationist Politics should be (and i'll explore that in the next section). the Interegnum makes clear the different forms of accelerationism: neoliberalism is the state of play, mediating factors constrain Landianism as an effective political force…

we are compelled. our sober senses are not lurching into crisis. what politics effectively deals with real conditions and relations?


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