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a friend is following the arias trial and, being a good friend, i decided to google info: a news site may give you "facts" but a blog and its comment section give you a (sometimes strong) pov, info not provided by MSM (eg, i learned about the stunbelt and the possible use of in TT's comment section), and a group of people who share the same interests as you. TT recently posted, The Blogger Vents about the challenges of being a blogger. but it's something my friend said that's making me write this LJ: what is a blog?

warning: coffee zero, cigs ½ pack, occasional pitstops.

my friend didn't know about TT, but thought TT's sense of humor was hilarious (like i do) & it gave us something to talk about. but i was surprised she didn't know what a blog was. you know what a blog is! maybe she wasn't used to a blog with a single author who's also managing (if their blog is popular) a comment section, email responses, other blogger responses, &c.

i've been blogging since 2003 at LJ and can count all my commenters with… four fingers. if LJ pageviews are any indication, i have my share of lurkers & spikes. my next serious LJ may be on Freud's Q & don't think too many people would be interested in that. but, an LJ exploring #ACCELERATE MANIFESTO for an Accelerationist Politics might be a good idea for the 2014 midterms. but still, i'm a certain type of blogger. so what am i getting at? my friend wants to write a book & i said: you can blog about it and, because of the topic, you'd probably find an audience & engage with them. blogging can help you work out ideas, figure out how to write your ideas while getting feedback, which can be expanded into a book. i've seen people do that. so you can too!

other than that, i can't help her blog. but i can write about my blogging experience: blogs i visit and why i visit them and what i get from them. what makes a good blog? what is the future for blogs?

had to write all that out to get to something: i LJ and tweet and tumblr — i'm part of a specific part of the blogosphere. google has surely analyticized me! so the me that is blogging and tweeting (even lurking) is being viewed. however, i'm ok with just machines reading me. i don't need humans. :)

it's the bloggers who are human interacting with other humans. that's the key.

of course i need humans. commenting on blogs is a way of interacting with other humans, but (as i realized today) once i start acting the troll i need to reconsider my online social humanity (i don't have one!). being human, in my case, means lurking (something i'm very good at in real life). even in cyberspace apples don't fall very far from...

grew up in california, visited california, but it wasn't until i drove an eight lane freeway ( in california... yikes. that's what commenting is like. blogging is like that too. since blogging doesn't automatically mean you're socially interacting (you've got comments), comments may be the real social training ground. i like this post because it mentions northanger abbey! (and i created an animated gif from the image, but that's on the old pc). since most blogging platforms allow tweets, vids, imgs, like, stfu, &c in comments, pure textual interaction (just text) in blog comments may indicate an engaged commentariat.

Seven of the top 10 most congested corridors were in Los Angeles, and i've been on all 7 of them, including the Orange Crush. that is blogging on steroids.

must leave at 5:30p and i'm slowpokey today… so bottom line: the only email i really get is from my family. sitting at dinner thinking of appropriate topics to talk about, quickly scanning all the blogs i lurk at: NONE OF YOU GIVE ME ANYTHING THAT DROPS EASILY INTO CONVERSATION. but you make me laugh, you make me think. sometimes, you remind me i'm human. some of you can say: drop what you're doing & read this now, and a lot of us do so. i may go meh on your post but a quick pointed comment makes me reconsider.

eccentrics, weirdos, first adopters get kicked out of sandboxes about to go supernova. and that tells me, that if you think you're the type that can deal with the headache, maybe now is the time to consider a certain type of… populist? popular?… blogging.

my everyday blogs: TOD & BJ -- told family about TOD. during 2012 election, told mom: don't let MSM freaku out, they're not telling you the full picture (and then filled in some blanks). mom said, after the election, that i kept her calm :) ---- nope, it was definitely Nate Silver and everybody talking about his analysis, and me able to communicate that to my mom, that kept her calm. THANKU! 2008, we were all talking all day all the time. 2012, i'm moving with no internet connection. blogs make a difference.


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