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notes. stuff i'm reading (Regulus enters Virgo):

 • #OCCUPYWALLSTREET (13 July 2011)

 • CHOGM 2011 (28-30 October 2011)


  • November 2011 Forecast
    Pluto-Uranus square • Jonathan Pearl • Oxford astrologyNewsScope 03-Oct-2011 • the date Solar Fire gives for Regulus into Virgo is 9/16/2011. Occupy began on 9/17/2011.
  • Barbara Hand Clow ~ Uranus Square Pluto And Generational Tension
    The seven squares between Uranus and Pluto—2012 through 2015—will create a revolution in global industrial, financial, and social structures. We know this because when the square was first drawing close during 2011, the ideals of the 1960s countercultural revolution surfaced within Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring, and the European financial crisis.
  • The Astrology of Occupy - It's Big! [+]
    In 2008 I gave a talk at the Blast conference on the importance of Regulus precessing into Virgo. Precession of the stars through the sign is a 26,000 year cycle, but the date Solar Fire gives for Regulus into Virgo is… wait for it… 9/16/2011. Yup. Actually the exact day doesn't really matter, as anything within a month would qualify and I could even say 1 year for a 2,000 year event is still close enough. All that said, Occupy began on 9/17/2011.
  • Regulus Virgo Ingress: A Big Cycle and its potential impact on your life and $$$ [+]
    Jonathan Pearl :: Blast Astrology Conference in Sedona, Arizona 2008 :: Friday, September 19th (Day 4-Special Topics) - 3:45 - 4:45 pm :: Jupiter-Saturn, you guess? Although this pair might be mentioned, they are not the focus here. Uranus then? Nope. Neptune and Pluto? I'll leave these two for others. This talk will address a significant change in the grandest cycle of them all, the 26,000 precession cycle. In early 2011, royal star Regulus will move from tropical Leo (where it has been since from about 160 BC) into Virgo. Consequences? Yes! Optimistic? You bet.
  • Regulus enters Virgo & Occupy Wall Street Movement
    According to Solar Fire, Regulus entered Virgo by precession? on 9/16/11
  • Regulus Enters Virgo: The Pope Faints!
    Per corem Leonis in signo virginis in sororitatem steallarum te salvamus.
  • Regulus Leaves Leo for Virgo 2012 [+][+][+][+]
  • The Galactic Embrace: You and 2012 [+][+][+][+][+]
    To begin with, let’s review a couple of important elements of celestial mechanics by employing a very mundane object: a hula hoop. The first hula hoop is attached to the constellations, or individual star patterns… This will be our Constellation Hoop… The next hoop hooks up to the signs we all know and love… Zodiac Hoop… the Milky Way Hoop intersects with the constellation hoop in such a way as to form an unchanging framework in the sky; an architecture, if you will, that is fixed and permanent and not affected by precession… Now, it turns out that this structure or framework provides a wonderful way to measure precession, which is simply the slow clockwise rotation of the tropical zodiac, or signs, in relation to the constellations.
  • Regulus in Virgo
    Regulus will enter Virgo on November 28, 2011 at 12:35pm • see comment: The ephemeris they use [Astrodienst] – the Swiss Ephemeris – is the same one used by Solar Fire.
  • Ireland's Druidschool logo and motto
    Sub title - Imbas and Awen symbol as living geometry
  • Fixed Star Regulus in Virgo: The Lion and the Maiden
    Regulus enters Virgo, 28-Nov-2011 @ 6:34 AM EST (Solar Fire Gold v.8)
  • The King-Maker and the Goddess: Regulus in Virgo
    Regulus will enter Virgo some time between September and November of 2011

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