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2012 Leap Second

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Sollenberger ☍ Boulder

Sun ☌ Junttura
Cancer 24° on 16-Jul-2012 @ 05:09:140258UT, Declination +4°

4… 3… 2… 1… 1… Happy New Year!
Need a long Saturday? Tonight, timekeepers add a second to clock

(5367) Sollenberger — Main-belt Asteroid — 1982 TT. Discovered 1982 Oct. 13 by E. Bowell at Anderson Mesa. Named in memory of Paul Sollenberger (1891-1995) [+][+], the US Naval Observatory's first civilian director of Time Service (from 1928 until his retirement in 1953). Sollenberger's contributions to the design of quartz-crystal clocks, chronographs and the photographic zenith tube greatly increased the precision of timekeeping during his tenure. By 1934 he had not only introduced quart-crystal clocks, but also arranged for the automatic transmission of time by them, accurate to a millisecond. In 1949 he established the USNO's Time Service station using a PZT [photographic zenith tube] in Richmond, Florida. Sollenberger served as president of IAU Commission 19 during 1948-1955.

(8489) Boulder — Main-belt Asteroid — 1989 TA3. Discovered 1989 Oct. 7 by EW Elst at La Silla. Named for the city of Boulder, Colorado, about 48 km northwest of Denver. Settled in 1859 by miners and named for the large stones in the area, the University of Colorado was founded there in 1876, making Boulder a center for scientific and environmental research. The water supply for the city is unique, coming from the Arapahoe glacier [+][+][+] high in the Rocky Mountains. The discoverer and his wife spent a year there at the JILA institution during 1967-1968.

(10218) Bierstadt — Main-belt Asteroid — 1997 SJ23. Discovered 1997 Sept. 28 by the Spacewatch at Kitt Peak. Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902), a landscape artist from the Hudson River School, was best known for his panoramic scenes of the American West, including the Rocky Mountains, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. His work inspired those who followed him westward while forever preserving the power and beauty of the vanishing frontier.

[ISS] Touchdown of Manned Soyuz TMA-03M: Expedition 31 Commander Oleg Kononenko (RSA), André Kuipers (ESA) & Donald Pettit (NASA) make Picture Perfect Landing in Kazakhstan on 01-Jul-2012 @ 4:14 am EDT (08:14 UT).

AF deploys remaining MAFFS to fight fires :: 6/30/2012 - CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AFNS) -- Beginning Saturday, June 30, eight military C-130 aircraft, each equipped with the U.S. Forest Service's Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System (MAFFS) will be operating out of Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., to assist with firefighting efforts in the Rocky Mountain Region. Two MAFFS-equipped C-130s from the Wyoming Air National Guard's 153rd Airlift Wing and the U.S. Air Force Reserve Command's 302nd Airlift Wing have been working out of Peterson Air Force Base, located in Colorado Springs, Colo., since June 25. On June 28, the U.S. Forest Service requested the remaining four MAFFS units be activated for the Rocky Mountain region. U.S. Northern Command, the Department of Defense organization responsible for providing civil support, approved the request and agreed to activate the units late that night. The California Air National Guard's 146th Airlift Wing, from Channel Islands, and the North Carolina Air National Guard's 145th Airlift Wing, from Charlotte, will join the 153rd and the 302nd. This is the first time since 2008 that all eight military aircraft have been activated at one time, said Col. Jerry Champlin, 153rd Air Expeditionary Group commander. In that year, the aircraft were stationed at McClellan Airpark in Sacramento, Calif., to fight fires in that state. [+]

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