northanger (northanger) wrote,

some of my best friends are white chicks

we interview {{{C}}}

first, she's one of the few female drum techs

it's very complex because drummers are anal bitches.

top three drummers: tommy aldridge, brain mantia, randy castillo.

i showed {{{C}}} the SpaceX Iron Maiden poster... what do you think? (i learn about Eddie the Mascot)

dragonforce = speed metal

flight of 666 = does not like, because it has 666 in it. it's a bad luck number. likes hallowed be thy name the best, coz i can play it that's why.

which type of band member do you prefer? i love buckethead the best and john 5 second. and third randy rhoads (nobody can diss randy rhoads, nobody).

who is your greatest musical influence? i have no idea, i have to think about that one. it's going to be somebody old. that's hard that's complex. a lot of people don't give just one answer.

give me some gossip: we're avoiding the juicy ones & thinking... drum lessons from Tommy Lee, {{{C}} was his neighbor in covina. ok, what artists did you know before they became famous?

do you, {{{C}}} asks, want to do this alphabetically?

Guns N' Roses + W.A.S.P. + Exotic Birds + NIN + Deftones + Ole Beich + LA Guns + Yoshiki Hayashi + Aaron North

snack time! more later...

teaser...... theme song from Specimen for another set of names is, kiss kiss, bang bang: Mel Sanchez (Abattoir), Buckethead, Trent Reznor, Darryl Hall, Jonny Lang, Johnny 5, Randy Castillo, Axl Rose, Synyster Gates, Monte Montgomery, Arli Silver, Jimmy Bain, Johnny Thunders, Acey Slade, Rowan Robertson, Simon Gallup ....(we're discussing whether this should be in order, or specified with KK or BB or KKBB)

strawberry shortcake, aka axl rose, wore tighty whities.

apparently, more lists for cars (sounds like a rainbow spectrum of corvettes) & orange mopeds -- driven by {{{C}}} or not.

who had CREWIT license plate on their pickup truck?

whose nickname is "track two".

which singer worked at Tower Video across the street from Tower Records on Sunset?

(oh, btw {{{C}}} has star wars galactic empire logo, like this tattoo by corey miller)

i think i can get a list of drum tech gigs later.

and one prop for Megadeth, at least.

find {{{C}}} (someone tried to pimp 15-year-old {{{C}}} to Blackie Lawless)

 [12:05 PM 5/14/2012]

didn't know the dots were such a big deal. fixed. {{{C}}} got a call this morning.

and, since i'm still in moving-mode, somebody thinks it's a good idea i move to a studio apartment. (i just got here, what about the tiki bar?). {{{C}}} haz sad (ABANDONMENT!). so there's an APB to all of {{{C}}}'s friends (you shits) & family to show her some serious ♥.

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