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no problem!

still can't sleep, but for different reason. just saw the kid's Wechsler & blahblah & i kid not: there's a bell curve at the end of it.

so i'm at the mccafe office. finally finished recreating problem solving flowchart.

the great thing about my current situation is that if i have jumped from the frying pan to the fire the car can be quickly loaded from here for the Great Escape to Canada. until then, what is our next project? i was thinking about metaphysical structures...

my gut tells me, based on my own experience, that this is a really smart kid. but the results are AVERAGE, AVERAGE, LOW AVERAGE, AVERAGE, BORDERLINE &c. and i thought about being "smart". how smart am i? i noticed something and wrote the parental guardian: i never attended a science fair; i flunked one grade and part of another; never took the SATs; never attended a traditional "smart" college like Harvard, Princeton, USC, Stanford. even though i did well at college, a 3.95 GPA there is vastly different from a 3.95 GPA at Harvard. my so-called "smartness" didn't accrue me anything special whatsoever. i'm AVERAGE.

what i'm trying to say, i did have a lot compared to some but didn't quite do much with it. so it's hard to see a child struggling, but you want to remind that kid -- it's something President Obama said recently:

POTUS @ Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

…we believe that in America, your success shouldn’t be determined by the circumstances of your birth. If you’re willing to work hard, you should be able to find a good job. If you’re willing to meet your responsibilities, you should be able to own a home, maybe start a business, give your kids the chance to do even better -- no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter what you look like, no matter what your last name is.

the kid is going through a full battery of tests at school and an independent testing center. then everyone's going to come together and decide what to do next. reading these draft reports are brain numbing because a parent has to understand different types of scoring including percentiles. so they want feedback from the rest of the family to help them prepare for the meetup. one thing about Wechsler i found interesting: The 'Gifted' Riddle--

"What they're overlooking are the potentially gifted," Schwartz says. "The misplaced, the misunderstood. The talented, creative ones who never get a chance."

In Schwartz' opinion, testing for exceptional children is flawed because it fails to recognize candidates whose talents don't match the conventional view of giftedness. One of the problems, he says, is that intelligence tests as they are presently interpreted give the best results to students who shine at what Schwartz calls "sequential learning," the step-by-step method practiced in most classroom settings. Not only are so-called "whole learners"-those who digest information all in one chunk-put off by such an approach, they're also penalized by the system.

[4:37 PM 5/9/2012] :: the kid was in a blue funk yesterday and instead of letting him go to school (two-day suspension over) parental guardian unit said, hang with me. today the kid went back to school &... well, guess. the kid even got the principal running around. it's an awesome school, btw.

about to drive to bank and deposit my deposit from the old place, PGU calls to vent. her strategy is just to keep a lid on who she informs to manage freak out level. (i'm so honored! i want to thank the academy blah blah). anyway, NO PROBLEM!

finally i get the gist of the problem: they want the school to fail the kid to get his attention. {a} kid could care less, {b} but school can place him where they can manage him better, {c} while the family finds a different school.


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