can't sleep.

what's the deal with Vegas? Dwain was there when i called about selling books. so go buy my books at Magic Door IV in the Pomona Arts Colony. later pulled this out from one of my old boxes:

glancing at it when Tom also said he was in Vegas. so there's NASA meatballs on the doors, a sign saying "Space Center" on another door and this in the room4rent:

so i moved in. much sooner than expected too. it's a bit funky-junky, but personality fit may be better, communication/negotiation could be easier [please goddess] (me: it would be nice if you had two bathrooms • new landlord: ok, i'll pee outside). technically, i have two room4rents until the end of the month. but hoping to turn in key for old place in less than a week once boxes packed & stored and my stuff is in the new place.

my theme has been, be a good neighbor. someone else is getting evicted and having a hard time so my family thought it best i move out asap. here's hoping for good neighbors for everybody.

i *was* desperate & actually shocked i found a new launching pad. the old landlord wants keys since i'm not living there anymore. even though i just paid last months rent plus 3% rent increase & told him i would be returning keys monday. so i'm hauling ass sunday to move the last 15 boxes into storage & return the keys. (happily, someone is generously sharing their nice medication with me AND helping move boxes). the eviction situation is because of the tsunami of stuff in the other room to rent.

and PLEASE don't mention bed bugs because someone still has bad dreams when he was a kid living here.
Shit Creek? haha, just woke up & new roomie C said she just cleaned a ton of cat shit in bathtub.

knocked on her door at 3AM: do you want to make 50 bucks? when she found out why she immediately said she'd help me move but wouldn't take the money. convinced her to take $25 and we both want Thai, so that's that. i'm so sore right now i'm hobbling, so it's great to have a moving buddy. priceless.

i'll email you more specifics but for now i'll just say arrested domestic violence.

no thai tonight, but...
moved 15 boxes into storage, returned keys & officially completed move to new house near the corner with the school colors of the only college i ever wanted to go to.

i am so fucking tired :O)

we cleaned out Tom's truck, all the boxes fit & we were done. my CD box, apparently, is mostly shit. there's a discussion between bling, swag and ice & i've requested proper usage: is it SpaceX Ice or what?

i can tell you what a little slice of heaven's like: making a bacon & egg sandwich at three o'clock in the morning, washing the dishes afterward (or not) and letting Mr. Socks out the back door.
Mister Socks is not my cat and he actually has white "socks" (he's aka Boots). he seems to like me & lets me pick him up. poor guy, he coughs and hacks like an old smoker when he wakes up. wouldn't go into the house until I walked in with him. but lets you know when he's ready to go in or out. he needs a trip to the vet for a checkup.

your BLT sounds great.
i have to figure out how to take a picture of the tiki bar and the giant squid so i can post it online.