northanger (northanger) wrote,

Goddess Erida

{about to post the biglist w/ 777 points & decided to number it at the last minute—wouldn't ya knowit? #86 is the Goddess Erida. will post something about this wonderful goddess soon ... for now}


  • High Chinese Fuseki

    ䷖ to ䷤ XXIII changing to XXXVII

  • Ti Kuan Yin & The Nine Dragons

    i have a 16 inch fountain statue of Kuan Yin (standing) with nine dragon heads at the base. three middle dragons: pour water in bottom…

  • 28 camps

    Twenty-four is the number of the Elders in Revelations and the Enochian Seniors. Twenty-eight is the mystic number of Netzach. The Enochian Senior…

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