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AQ 2285 = COME WITH ME AND WE SHALL RUN ACROSS THE SKY AND IL-LUM-INATE THE NIGHT OH, OH, OH I WILL TRY AND GUIDE YOU TO BETTER TIMES AND BRIGHTER DAYS (Up The Ladder To The RoofSpace Shuttle Discovery to Fly Over Washington Metro Area April 17Welcome Discovery! to the Smithsonian's National Air and Space MuseumReturn to Flight: STS-114 Discovery, Commander Eileen Collins) = IN 'EXPERIMENTS AND CONSIDERATIONS TOUCHING COLOURS' (1663) HE DESCRIBED FOR THE FIRST TIME THE IRIDESCENCE OF METALLIC FILMS AND SOAP-BUBBLES (Robert Boyle).

E.B. Ford

…Sir Theodore de Mayerne, a physician to Charles I, who in 1634 published a treatise in Latin, known as Theatrum Insectorum. It was not of his own writing, though he added an Introduction. Actually its manuscript had for years passed from hand to hand and owed something to Gesner, Wooten, and Penny, as well as to Mouffet, whose name it bears… Theatrum Insectorum, though not confined to our fauna, was, in fact, the first known entomological publication in Great Britain and an English translation of it was published by Edward Topsel in 1658. The section on butterflies, with which moths are included as nocturnal forms, contains a number of florid and obscure descriptions, illustrated by woodcuts of astonishing crudity indented into the text. That of the Peacock will serve as an example: 'The fourth may be said to be the queen or chief of all, for in the uppermost part of the wings, as it were four Adamants glistering in a beazil of Hyacinth, do show wonderful rich, yea almost dazel the Hyacinth and Adamant themselves; for they shine curiously like stars, and do cast about them sparks of the colour of the Rain-bow; by these marks it is so known, that it would be needless to describe the rest of the body though painted with variety of colours.'

Insectorum sive minimorum animalium Theatrum
Thomas Moffett (variously spelled Moffat, Mouffet or Muffet)

Omnium Regina dici potest; nam extremis alis, veluti adamantes quatuor in pala Hyacinthina radiantes, miras opulentias ostendunt, imò fere adamantí & Hyacintho oculum effodiunt. Lucent enim pulcherrimè (ut Stellæ) Scintillásque iricolores circumfundunt: his notis ita dignoscitur, ut reliquum corpus describere (licet varijs pictum coloribus) supervacaneum effet.


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