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atziluthic magick

a year ago i asked myself: what is yetziratic magic? simply, Yetzirah is the World of Formation; its "contents are both tangible and real" involving "syncretic creation - something out of something" (from Colin Low's Notes on Kabbalah). the worlds of Atziluth (Emanation) and Briah (Creation) involve undifferentiation—"Atziluth is the world of closeness or nearness to God, the world where one is bathed in the undifferentiated light ... Briah predicates the possibility of creation. The creation which takes place in Briah is not the creation of anything tangible, but the creation of those necessary (but abstract and definitely intangible) conditions which make creation possible."

several years ago i came across an article at Donmeh West about the Two Torahs of Kabbalah: Torah D'Atziluth & Torah D'Beriah which states: "According to Post-Lurianic Kabbalah, the Messiah, upon his advent, will abrogate the worldly Torah D'Beriah (now called the "Old Testament") and, in its place, reinstate the spiritual Torah D'Atziluth." reminding me of Liber AL I:49:

Abrogate are all rituals, all ordeals, all words and signs. Ra-Hoor-Khuit hath taken his seat in the East at the Equinox of the Gods; and let Asar be with Isa, who also are one. But they are not of me. Let Asar be the adorant, Isa the sufferer; Hoor in his secret name and splendour is the Lord initiating.

if we are currently, as many think, experiencing "system breakdown", could it be a time of "Atziluthic Magick" (is there such an animal)? Torah D'Beriah is the second Torah, or the "Torah of Re-making" replacing the first Torah D'Atziluth. the first Torah represents the Tablets of Testimony inscribed by the finger of God that Moses destroyed because of the sin of the golden calf. the second Torah is written by Moses—and he got kinda creative & restrictive.

in a previous post i mention that while working with abjad i thought the 484 gates acted like "stem cells" (undifferentiated). i believe we face global challenges in which system engineers & builders are required—but not to retool, re-engineer, or fix. (don't ask me why astrology) but the type of astrology i explore, hopefully, provides all the tools necessary for this type of task. i'll present more info (diagrams & spreadsheets) so folks can quickly grasp JW concepts & explore other astrological methods. (is this my thesis statement? ok, kinda rough, i'll keep working on it. :))

i really like what hermit said: "in order for any model to really have any broad creedence, that it also applies to the Macrocosm- i.e. that we are each living within out own Zodiac or personal Universe as a reflection of the larger factors that are in play throughout the Cosmos"—if below is experiencing system crash, what's happening above? (maybe this answers the astrology question?).

this is a nutshell schematic of jacob's wheel. i created a spreadsheet for the enochian version to make sure i was generating the gate lists correctly. it may help view the patterns created by the mandalas. since the enochian version is kinda schizy because of the sda heptagram, i'll create a jw version and provide both as downloads.

i remember: i did a search on "484 Gates" & did find some info. "The 484 Gates of Light: Abulafian Letter Mysticism" mentioned here, mentioned in Westcott's kabbalah intro (temurah, "a means of cipher writing"), and a dead link in Yahoo's cache:

In The Book of Yetzirah we are ordered to arrange a Mating Table of all the letters with themselves, meaning: 22 letters according to all the possible combinations summing up to 484 alternatives precisely as written: "ALEF (The first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet) with all of them and all of them with ALEF, BEIT (The second letter of the Hebrew Alphabet) with all of them and all of them with BEIT etc. so that all creature and all speech became one name". (The Book of Yetzirah, chapter 2, Mishna 5)

and, of course, Blavatsky:

The Kabalistic book, the Sepher Jezirah, opens with a statement of the hidden wisdom of Alhi in Sephrim, i.e , the Elohim in the Sephiroth. "In thirty and two paths, hidden wisdom, established Jah, JHVH, Tzabaoth, Elohi of Israel, Alhim of Life, El of Grace and Mercy — exalted, uplifted Dweller on high, and King of Everlasting, and his name — Holy! in three Sephrim: viz: — B-S'ph-r, V-S'ph-r, V-Siph-o-r." "This Comment sets forth 'the Hidden Wisdom' of the original text by hidden Wisdom, that is, by the use of words carrying a special set of Numbers and a special phraseology, which will set forth the very explanatory system which we find to fit so accurately in the Hebrew Bible. . . . . In setting forth his scheme, to enforce it, and to finish out his detailed exposition in a general postulate, viz., the one word Sephrim (Sephiroth) of the Number Jezirah, the author explains the separation of this word in the three subordinate ones, a play upon a common word s-ph-r, or number."

The prince Al-Chazari says to the Rabbi *: — "I wish now that thou wouldest impart to me some of the chiefest or leading principles of Natural Philosophy, which as thou sayest were in former times worked out by them (the Ancient Wise Ones)"; to which the Rabbi makes answer:— "To such principles appertains the Number of Creation of our Race-father Abraham" (that is Abram and Abraham, or numbers 41224 and 41252). He then says that this book of Number treats of teaching the Alhim-ness and One-ness through, "DBRIM," viz., the numbers of the Word "Words." That is, it teaches the use of the ratio 31415 to one, through 41224, which last, in the description of the Ark of the Covenant, was divided into two parts by two tables of stone, on which these, DBRIM or 41224, were written or engraved — or 20612 by 2. He then comments on these three subordinately used words, and takes care as to one of them to make the comment: — "And Alhim (31415 to 1) said: Let there be Light (20612 to 6561)." (Temurah)

[18-Mar|2:11pm] did find a live link on the "484 mating table": main page, direct article link.


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