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don't know what's up, but my centered (ha! that) DIVs & Ps using position:relative aren't centering & rendering weird. will fix. great excuse to back everything up anyways. something interesting i've never seen before cleaning CR entry, after making changes & saving: Client error: Sorry, there was a problem with content of the entry. removing everything to locate problem (it's a long entry): l i b c o m link [tw00ted: 1st link is event transcript, 2nd is the link to a comment used in CR]. description (see top of page) from 2nd link (something to contrast aims, goals & message of OWS [Revolution Number 99: An Oral History of Occupy Wall Street]):

It does not claim to have the answers. Rather, it argues for the need to first specify the right questions and gain theoretical clarity… to stop relying on generalities… which create a theoretical void that gets filled by wasted efforts…

btw: Google announces new privacy policy on 24-Jan-2012. Twitter releases Country Withheld Content policy on 26-Jan-2012. [+][+][+][+]

[1:33 AM 1/30/2012] TPM interviews Twitter: Twitter 'Censoring' Doesn't Apply To Re-Tweets, sociology professor @techsoc: It's weird for me to defend a company so hard but If I were a govt I'd see TW policy as the middle finger. Blog:

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