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abjad order

this table (from ABJAD version of the numogram) identifies {a} abjad order, and {b} alphabet order. additionally, this gemtria abjad table uses the abjad order, and this table of the numogram assignments uses the alphabet order. wasn't aware of the differences when i created the abjad letter pairs—using abjad order.

the objective is to create an ABJAD Mandala similar to jacob's wheel and the enochian wheel. the first step is understanding the alphabet and, frankly, i'm not sure about abjad transliteration to english and which order to use. transliteration determines the single or two-letter english character for each abjad, ie, ALIF = A. which brings up another issue concerning abjad gematria: english word & phrase calculation.

since reza disappeared down a rabbit hole i've decided {1} use english-hebrew assignments since abjad similar to hebrew: [A] ALIF (1), [B] BA (2), [G] JEEM (3), [D] DAL (4), [H] HAA (5), [V] WAW (6), [Z] ZA (7), [Ch] HA (8), [T] TOIN (9), [Y] YA (1), [K] KAAF (2), [L] LAAM (3), [M] MEEM (4), [N] NOON (5), [S] SEEN (6), [O] AYN (7), [P] FA (8), [Tz] SAAD (9), [Q] QAF (1), [R] RA (2), [Sh] SHEEN (3), [Th] TA (4); and, {2} until the white rabbit tells me different, i'm sticking with abjad order for now.


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